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10 Ideas To Keep The Kids Happy At Family Gatherings

We are always so excited to see Aunts, Uncles, cousins, and more at the family gatherings we attend.  The kids not so much.  They don’t know the kids or haven’t seen them in a long time, so they are not sure about being accepted.  Make them feel welcomed and know you are ready for them to have some fun!

  1.  Party Supplies – When you go to the stores get some fun paper plates and napkins the little ones will love.  Also don’t forget the teens so shop for fun color combinations that look great together or try finding things with the current popular movies, such as Avengers right now.  The parents you might want to splurge for the plastic-ware that is silver so it looks real, make for sure plates do not leak through and are easy to separate.  Large dinner napkins are also a nice touch.
  2. Decorations – ZURU has answers that make decorating easy.  The Bunch O Balloons Party blows up to 40 balloons in 40 seconds and they self seal now that is easy decorating.  Get fun colors and put strings on some so the little ones can have their own.

3.   Squirt guns – The big ones, like the XShot Water Warfare Fast-Fill Water Blaster by ZURU are for the adults!  The smaller ones can be for the kids. Pick the smaller ones up in bulk packages for your best price .  ZURU makes lots of great water guns and nerf guns, either would be fun and safe for the kids, even little ones.

4.  Water balloons can go with the squirt guns or alone with the smallest of walking children can play.  Fill a Bunch at one time with ZUUR’s Bunch O Balloons water balloons. They now have a new Bunch O Balloons, Rotten Eggs and yes they smell that bad.  These balloons fill up 100 balloon with water in less than 60 seconds.  Just grab a plastic laundry basket, fill balloons with water, they seal and come off when complete. They make it easy to fill water balloons.

5.  Make for sure to get a ream of plain white paper and construction paper.  Then crayons, colored pencils, kid safe scissors, glue, glitter, even water paint.  On some of the white paper go to your computer and print out plain coloring pages, most for the kids, some for adults or others that like to color.  You can also get coloring books at the dollar stores that will give the kids a break from playing.

6.  Just like a wedding, leave some of the throw away cameras around so everyone can take pictures.  You can set up a special page or link so everyone can see and download the ones they want.  It will be a great place for each years pictures.  Maybe have them on Facebook in a special group.  For the people that are elderly and do not use a computer, print a few pictures at the store and throw them in the mail.  It doesn’t cost a lot but they will enjoy having the reminder.

7.  Bring some games for people to use.  Both indoor and outdoor games can be used.  Also bring several decks of cards, people like to visit when their hands are busy.  Basketballs, baseballs, and soccer balls are always a hit.

8.  Trivia Games – Gather information about each member of the family coming, then at the party have some fun with family trivia.  Guess who did this and was that.  Make up cards for people to fill out and read  with answers to questions like what really great happened in your family this year, or who graduated this year?  Tell funny family stories about when the older cousins were young.

9.  Bring some smaller toys for playing quietly and resting.  A suggestion might be the Cotton Candy Cuties.  This contains Cotton Candy Cuties Stretchy Foam with a soft smooshy cutie inside. With the foam you can tear it, bounce it or stretch it into any shape you want!

Another would be the  5 Surprise Series 2. One surprise for each section.  Miniature pop cans, dolls, ice cream cones, and more.  You can also go to the dollar store and get dolls, balls, and more for everyone’s breaktime.

10.  Bring fun foods, like jello, and rice crispy treats.  Hamburgers and hot dogs are always a hit with our kids!

Now relax, the adults will have fun visiting, the kids are taken care of, and the food is on the table.  You time to visit and relax!!!


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  1. These are awesome toy suggestions to keep the kids entertained at family gatherings! I always loved when the weather was super nice so we could play yard games like this. These new water balloons sounds awesome, it used to take us forever to fill all those balloons! Thanks for sharing.

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