12 Safe Printable Games for Kids Under 6

12 Safe Printable Games for Kids Under 6

Boredom-busting printable games can help your young children beat the rainy day blues. Whether it is a brain-teasing maze that helps them with problem-solving or a paper doll fashion show that builds their story-telling confidence, these 12 interactive printable games help your child stretch their creative muscles and develop life skills while having fun. 

12 Safe Printable Games for Kids Under 6

This popular childhood game develops important strategic skills. The concept of blocking a player while trying to win prepares your child for more complex games because they have to predict their opponent’s next move. The life lesson here is the importance of decision-making and the consequences.   

You can mix up the game by using candy, cereal or small toys to represent the Xs and Os. Make sure you stock up on printer supplies; your kids will be asking you to print out multiple copies for endless fun!

Mazes help your kids build problem-solving skills from an early age. Mazes also help to nurture reasoning, logic and memory, preparing young brains for complex academic tasks. You can find a huge selection of engaging printable mazes online. Why not choose a few mazes of increasing difficulty and challenge your kids to a maze competition? Whoever completes the maze first wins a prize!

Roll the Dice is an amazing open-ended game that can help you get out some of that pent-up energy. All you need is a die and the printout. Roll the die, and everyone has to do the action that corresponds to the number next to it on the printed sheet. You can up the ante and use two dice — one to tell you which action to do and the other to tell you how many times to do it. 

Imagination and role play games help kids understand the world around them and develop important social skills like empathy. Charades is a wonderfully versatile game that you can tailor to your child’s interests; whether they love movies, book characters or songs, you’ll find a set of printable charade cards that keeps them engaged for hours. 

Bingo is an excellent game to take on-the-go, whether you are heading out on a family road trip or making a quick run to the grocery store. It’s an excellent opportunity to build their hand-eye coordination and listening skills. You can find bingo cards with many themes, from festive seasonal games to spotting everyday items. Laminate and attach these printable bingo cards to a clipboard and add a fun paint stamper pen. 

Tiny Me is an adorable board game full of colorful characters your kids will love. It’s a great way to help preschoolers develop their knowledge of colors, color mixing, and counting. The printable set comes with a game board, printable pieces and a dice template. To make the most of this multicolored adventure game, use a laserjet printer and grab plenty of laser printer toner for the most vibrant colors and characters. 

Tangrams are great for teaching kids about spatial relationships and geometric terms, and they can increase problem-solving abilities. But, best of all, they can learn these important mathematical concepts while having fun. Print and cut out the tangram shapes, and then print out a few tangram shadow cards and have them try to replicate the picture using different combinations of shapes. 

For the budding fashionista or savvy sartorialist in your family, why not let them mix and match their outfits on these adorable printable paper dolls? Simply print out the template and let them color in the clothes and create their own patterns. Then they can cut out the clothes to practice their fine motor skills and put on a paper doll fashion show for the family. 

This ultra-fun dramatic play activity lets kids develop early literacy skills and learn critical social cues. Dramatic play activities like this pizza shop can be a great opportunity for young kids and neuro-atypical kids to practice life skills like ordering from a restaurant and preparing food. This pizza shop printable includes a menu and order form. You can supplement the printout with paper plates for pizza bases and play-doh, toys or household items for pizza toppings, so your little one can set up their own pizzeria.

When your kids have the wiggles and you need to release some energy on a rainy day, these printable ABC exercise cards are ideal. Each card comes with a fun exercise that corresponds to a letter of the alphabet. These are perfect for introducing your little one to letter recognition and phonics. Print these out in greyscale, and they can double as coloring in sheets.

For kids who love to draw, a printable connect the dots is the perfect game to keep them occupied. There are tons of activity sheets online in various designs, so you can select an image that interests your child, making it even more fun for them. You can choose a printable sheet with numbers from 1-10 or higher, depending on their age. Following the numbers, they must connect the dots to reveal an image.  

This fun game teaches young ones how to recognize numbers and count in order, and it encourages them to get creative with their crayons at the same time. 

For kids who love blocks, machines and anything building-related, this exciting shape construction game can help boost mathematical reasoning skills, increase fine motor control and improve bilateral coordination. The printable activity sheet comes with blueprints to help your kids design structures from mini marshmallows and toothpicks (for toddlers, use straws or break the ends off the toothpicks for safety.)  It also comes with a helpful guide for parents so you can explain the STEM principles and turn the game into a learning opportunity. 

Keep Kids Busy with Printable Games 

Don’t sweat a rainy day indoors; there are plenty of exciting and safe printable games you can prepare for your young kids to keep them occupied. The best part is that many of the printable activities available are also educational, so you’re sneaking in a lesson alongside the fun. 

These budget-friendly printable games are perfect for snow days, long car rides, a rainy afternoon or an alternative to screen time. 


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