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30 Days To Happiness



Everybody wants to be happy, yet few people know how to get there. We think we will be happy if we get the right job, meet the right people, get the new car. But there will always be something else we want.

30 DAYS TO HAPPINESS by accomplished author Rhonda Sciortino is an honest assessment of the 30 key life inventory items that have the biggest influence on your happiness.

Genuine happiness comes from within. It’s a state of mind, a way of looking at the world, a commitment to improving ourselves and authentically enjoying life.

30 DAYS TO HAPPINESS guides people to examine themselves and find room for improvement. The book helps people learn to treat each new day as an opportunity to live their best possible life, finding new solutions to challenges as they take another step down the path to true happiness.

Rhonda Sciortino is a motivational speaker, author and success coach. She overcame abuse, homelessness, and poverty to become a financially successful entrepreneur, business woman and advocate for abused children. She’s the chair for the Successful Survivors Foundation, which was created to collaborate with public and private child welfare organizations, the faith-based community, business and community leaders, and schools throughout the country to provide the framework within which foster alumni can establish healthy relationships, mine the lessons out of their adversity, and apply those lessons to create their own personal and professional success. Rhonda serves as a spokesperson for Vanguard University’s Global Center for Women and Justice and for Foster Care Alumni of America. She is a regular contributor to Foster Focus Magazine, Fostering Families Today Magazine, and Children’s Voice Magazine. Rhonda lives in Newport Beach, CA with her husband.

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  1. I am at a place in my life right now that I NEED this book! I think we all get to a point when we not only want happiness, but we NEED it. I’m tired of living…well, surviving the way I have. If I don’t win this book, I will be purchasing it! Thank you so much for bringing this book to our attention. I like knowing that there are steps I can take to be happier. It gives me even more hope! God bless and good luck everyone!

  2. This book sounds so good. I really work on true happiness every day. Thank you so much for sharing. I can’t wait to get this

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