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3d Deco Lights To Give To Anyone On Your List

The 3D Deco Lights are comforting, cordless, decorative night light that are loved by our tiny customers and big ones alike. The first of our popular designs is a regulation sized soccer ball that gives the playful appearance that it has been kicked into the wall. With a simple switch of the light, a soothing glow provides the necessary light for midnight changes, feedings, reassuring check-ins and, of course, to keep the ‘boogie monster’ at bay.

3d Deco Lights

Tested by their most discerning critics (partners and children), the 3D Deco/Night Lights have been an amazing addition to nurseries, rec rooms and kids’ rooms.

  • Cordless, battery Operated. Uses LED Lights
  • Never gets hot to the touch. Never have to change the bulbs
  • 3D Crack sticker, screws and wall plugs included

This is the Transformers Bumble Bee Light I received all the below lights to give my honest opinion.  I have not installed any of the lights I will be showing you they are for the grandkids and I did not want to ruin the sticker as I am not sure it would be able to be moved.  I read some reviews, some said yes you can, some said no.

All of the lights seem to be well made and I know my grandson loves Transformers, so he will love having this look like it is coming out of the wall.

This is the sticker and the instructions with the screws to hang it.  Each of the lights have very thorough instructions and look easy to install.  The light seems brighter than for a nightlight, but if it turned away from the bed it should be fine.  You can find this light at Target and Meijer.

Sports 3D Wall Nightlight – Football

Now to our sports fans.  This is the football but they also have baseball, soccer, basketball, hockey, tennis, and cricket.

  • Features: On/Off Switch
  • Light Bulb Type: LED
  • Bulb Life: 5 years
  • Material: Plastic
  • Power Source: Batteries
  • Dimensions: 7.000 inches H x 6.500 inches W x 7.000 inches D
  • Warranty Description: 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • Battery: required, not included:
  • Assembly Details: assembly required, tools not provided

Here is the front and back of the light.  Also the cracks for the wall when putting it up.  This would be great for mancave or a kidss bedroom that loves or plays football.

Here is the on/off switch for the light.  This light is available at  Walmart, Target, and Meijer.

Olaf Nightlight

Now everyone’s favorite Frozen character Olaf can be yours with the Olaf 3D Night Light. When mounted to the wall with the Ice cracked sticker it will appear as though Olaf is breaking through your wall. Olaf is battery operated and uses 3 AA batteries.

I love how this lights up.  This would be great for a baby’s room or almost any age.

I absolutely love this light, it is adorable!

Here is everything that it included in the box.

The nose is long and super cute.  The light switch is at Olaf’s chin.



This type of nightlight are great for getting kids to want to go to bed.  Let them be responsible for turning it on so they know it is safe in their room.

Pink Butterfly Light

Pink Butterfly Light

This is a perfect light for tweens and teens, or a parent’s bedroom.  This is so cute and seems to be very well made.

I really love the way this lights up.  This is really cute. The butterfly is so pretty.


This is a great light to offset special decorations or to add a special something to a wall.


  • Cordless, battery Operated. Uses LED Lights
  • Never gets hot to the touch. Never have to change the bulbs
  • 3D Crack sticker, screws and wall plugs included

Universal Minions 3D Wall Nightlight - Stuart

Universal Minions 3D Wall Nightlight – Stuart

Let your favorite Minion light up your room with the Stuart 3D Night Light. When mounted to the wall with the cracked sticker, it will appear as though Stuart smashed through your wall. All Lights are LED lite and battery operated and use 3 AA batteries sold separately. He has a convenient ON/OFF/Timer switch, ideal for rooms with limited wall outlets. Don’t forget to collect the rest of his friends to keep him company.


  • Officially Licensed by 3D Light FX
  • Cordless, can be placed anywhere within the room
  • Battery operated, 3-AA batteries (Not included)
  • 3D Crack Sticker Included
  • Makes a great gift!



This light was bigger than I thought at 12.5 x 3 x 10.5 inches.  It has a timer that shuts the light off after 30 minutes which is great.

If you have kids that love Minions then they will love love love this light!  Great gift for birthday, Christmas, or just because.  This light can be found at Target.

Take a look around their website and follow them to learn more!








I received these lights to give my honest opinion.


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  1. Wow! I have never seen anything like this. My kids would get such a kick out of having these in their rooms. It would also make such a unique birthday gift!

  2. These are so cute. My grandchildren would love these. I like that they never got hot and you never have to change the bulb. Thank you so much for sharing

  3. Such a unique decoration. The kids will love it, makes you think you are breaking the rules and the walls.

  4. These are really cute. My grandchildren would love to have one of these. Thank you for sharing.

  5. love the deco lights with the kids fav character. not to mention how safe and effective they are for lighting and non fire hazard for our kids while they feel safe at night asleep. <3 love them and highly recommend them 😀

  6. This is such a cute idea. My grandchildren would love Olaf. I love that these are so safe to use. Thank you for sharing

  7. These are fantastic!! I haven’t seen them before. My nephew would love, Love, LOVE it!! Thank you for sharing.

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