5 Things You Can Do Today To Advance In Your Career


Unless you are perfectly happy where you are, it is always good to look towards career advancement. By doing so, you might a) net yourself a bigger salary, and b) gain greater personal rewards in the career path you have chosen. And the good news is, there are probably things you can do today to take you one step closer to career advancement.

Such as?

Consider the following as just some examples.

#1: Update your resume. You never when a career opportunity might arise, be that within your own place of work, or within another company in your chosen field. By getting your resume into the hands of a manager or a new employer, you might be able to fast-track your way to advancement. Follow our tips on putting together a winning resume, placing special focus on your recent skills, qualifications, and experiences, and ensure its bang up to date, ready and waiting for any opportunity that comes your way.


#2: Research and enrol on a course. Thinking about your career, consider what educational opportunities are available to you. The only way to advance might be through an extra qualification, so research any possibilities. Courses, such as this online rn to bsn can be completed at home, while others might require enrolment at a local college or another place of education. Find out what is available, speak to your employer if necessary, and if possible, enrol on a course today.


#3: Schedule a meeting with your employer. Unsure about what it is you need to do to advance in your career? Schedule a meeting with your employer. Although, as alluded to in our last point, you should also schedule a meeting when you have an idea of what you need to do to advance further. It might be that you are ready for a promotion anyway, so pushing yourself forward into a meeting will put you on your employer’s radar, and even if you’re not quite ready, they should still give you advice on how to move forward.


#4: Order a book. If you’re a book lover anyway, why not put down your Fifty Shades of Whatever, and read something that will help you advance in your career. Head over to Amazon (other booksellers are available), order one of these books, and let them inspire you into moving forward. Of course, if you have a device with an e-reader attached, you can download and read some of them today (and get them for a cheaper price).


#5: Reach out for help. As the old adage goes, it’s not what you know but who you know! So think: Is there anybody in your career that you can reach out to for expert help and advice? You might have a friend or colleague in a higher position than you, so give them a call or send them an email. There might be a networking event happening in your area; if so, book yourself a place and then (politely) bump into those people who may be worthwhile connections. Reach out to anybody who can influence your career today, and you might be on your way up the career ladder tomorrow!


So, what are you waiting for? The longer you procrastinate, the longer it will be until you advance in your career. Follow our suggestions, and do anything else you think necessary to move forward. The alternative is to stay where you are, but if that holds no appeal to you, then remember: Action is always better than inaction!

We wish you every success.

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