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5 Tips to Splurge on Vacation Without Breaking the Bank

5 Tips to Splurge on Vacation Without Breaking the Bank

5 Tips to Splurge on Vacation Without Breaking the Bank

Your vacation is your designated time to do whatever you want to help you relax and destress before returning to school or work. While figuring out what you want to pack for your travels is an important part of your pre-vacation plan, you’ll also have to consider how much you can afford to spend on the vacation overall. 

While you should always be considerate of the amount of money you spend while traveling, there’s no reason that you can’t splurge. However, splurging does not mean going into debt to be able to go on vacation. Instead, it means knowing when and where to spend your money and where you can save. Here are just a few easy tips for splurging on vacation without breaking the bank. 

  1. Create a Budget

Your budget is key to knowing how much you can splurge while on vacation. If you don’t want to overspend, you need to set a baseline for the amount of money you can spend without breaking the bank, or else you could start booking a vacation only to find out that it’s not in your price range. 

Take a look at your current finances and determine how much you want to spend on travel, transportation, accommodations, food, souvenirs, tours, and more. Wherever you think you’ll spend any amount of money, make sure to put it in your budget. Being specific is key since it can mean the difference between staying in or going over budget. Make sure to include things like pet boarding fees or any tipping you’ll do on vacation

  1. Research Where You’re Traveling

Once you know your budget, research your prospective vacation spot. Make sure that you investigate everything from the best all inclusive resorts in St. Lucia to the types of activities available in the area. Make sure to read reviews from other tourists so that you know the best places to go for food and activities and have an idea about how much each will cost. 

Use this part of the process to research the best deals, including cheap flights, hotels, resorts, and restaurants. 

  1. Find Deals and Discounts

Once you know the types of activities you’d like to try on vacation or the restaurants you’ll want to visit, look for specials and deals online. An app like Groupon can help you find the best deals in the area. 

Your credit card can also serve as a good resource to help you locate the best deals while receiving loyalty rewards. Some credit cards don’t charge foreign transaction fees and offer perks like rental car insurance and double points for purchases related to travel. 

  1. Make an Itinerary

The best way to splurge on vacation without going overboard is to make an itinerary now that you’ve selected your accommodations and the activities you’ll be taking part in. You can use a calendar app on your phone or a number of travel itinerary apps to keep you organized. While an itinerary can keep you on track timewise9, it can also help you get a clear picture of how much you’re spending and where your money is going. 

  1. Avoid Spending Traps 

Even if you’ve organized and budgeted properly for your vacation, you can still fall victim to temptation that causes you to overspend. 

Not Packing Well

Spending traps like forgetting items at home and not packing them could cause you to pay more for something in another country. 


Pre-vacation shopping is also another trap. While it’s important to have everything you need for your travels, try not to overspend on items that you don’t need. Always shop around so that you know you’re getting the best deals. 


It can be tempting to purchase tons of souvenirs for yourself and your loved ones throughout your vacation. However, waiting to purchase these souvenirs can help you get the best price as you’ll be able to compare pricing and may find something you like more on day five than you did on day one. 


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  1. I travel alot… and these are great tips! I am surprised by how any people do not plan for the extra costs, or really know where they are going!

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