5 Wellness Tips for New Moms

5 Wellness Tips for New Moms

5 Wellness Tips for New Moms

Being a new mom is exhausting! Between changing diapers, getting on a napping schedule, and finding time to shower, you have a lot on your plate. While caring for your newborn is the priority, you also need to take time for yourself! In this article, we go over five wellness tips for new moms who need a break! 

1. Nap When Baby Naps

When the stars align, take a nap when your baby is napping! You need all the rest you can get, so don’t miss an opportunity. Make sure that you get your partner, your family members, and anyone else helping you on-board with the baby products you use and your napping schedule so that you can get your zzz’s in! 

You can get a baby planner that lists times for napping, taking postnatal supplements, feeding, and other essential duties that will help you create time slots for everyone who is helping you. This way, everyone gets a chance to help and to rest! 

2. Prioritize Your Self-Care 

Take time for your self-care, even if you only have five minutes to spare (wow, that rhymed!). Rub essential oils on your wrist, throw some leave-in conditioner into your hair, or drink a glass of water. When you’re holding your baby, use a Wrapy to keep your arms free. 

Remember that these little moments give you the strength to push through challenging moments of parenting. Whatever you can do to take a few moments for yourself will help you through it all later on. 

3. Journal Your Feelings

Being a new mom comes with a ton of stress. You will need a healthy outlet to unleash your feelings through this journey. Take up mom journaling to release your emotions productively when you are not tending to your little one. Perhaps, right before bed, you can take some time to journal about your day. 

Light a candle and make it a soothing ritual that you look forward to every night. With journaling, you gain the ability to look back and smile at how well you’ve adjusted to parenting as time goes on. 

4. Take a Day Off

At least one night every week, take a night off from your mom responsibilities. Hire a nanny, have your parents watch your baby, or ask someone else you trust to look after your angel so you can have a night out. You might even take this opportunity for a date night! 

If you are saving for a baby, you don’t need to spend a ton of money for a fun night out. Simply going for a drive and away from the mom stuff can be a treat.

Pro tip: If your day off is spent sleeping, that’s totally justified. Catching up on your sleep will allow you to show up for yourself and your little one!  

5. Have Patience and Acceptance

Find your mantras and channel your inner warrior to get through it! Mindset is everything. You might even consider posting some sticky notes on your mirror to remind you of positive affirmations that keep you going as you adjust to motherhood. 

Things will be bumpy for a while. Expect the setbacks and accept them. If you can muster the mental strength to get through the early days of parenting, you will be set for the long haul. 

The Bottom Line

Being a new mom takes a village! Utilize your resources and make the most of your free time to make the adjustment process easier. It may take some getting used to, but if you follow the above suggestions, you are well on your way to mastering this mom thing!  

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