7 Apps To Manage Your Business Finances

7 Apps To Manage Your Business Finances

7 Apps To Manage Your Business Finances

Business owners need powerful and efficient solutions to manage their finances. From invoicing to budgeting and taxes, there are plenty of tech platforms which can help you to manage and improve your financial health.

  1. Kashoo

Kashoo is a great accounting app for small businesses and freelancers. The software is simple to use, allowing entrepreneurs both flexibility and efficiency. Using Kashoo, you can organize everything from your taxes to your audits, using any device you please. Business owners can use Kashoo for invoicing, generating reports, and monitoring bills. Other key features include expense tracking, billing and invoicing, accounts payable, and multi-currency support. From the dashboard, you can view your profits, losses and expenses. When you use Kashoo, it is easier to make forecasts and improve your finances.

  1. KashFlow

KashFlow is a cloud-based and award-winning app, supporting entrepreneurs to improve their accounting. The tool has been designed to make accounting tasks both stress free and jargon-free. With this application, users can track their expenses, produce customizable invoices and generate quotes quickly. KashFlow offers a payroll service, allowing users to easily access their business payroll on the go. Other features of KashFlow include automated credit control, business reports, expense recording and CIS accounting features.

  1. QuickBooks 

QuickBooks is a top accounting app by Intuit; the app offers tools for managing invoices, tracking expenses, monitoring sales and more. Using QuickBooks, there are no more tedious tasks; you’ll have the ability to focus on the most critical aspects of your business. QuickBooks also offers features such as finance monitoring, data visualizations and reports. With the software, it’s easy to gain valuable insights about expenditures and sales performance. Access Quickbooks from either your desktop or mobile device. Further features of QuickBooks including auto tax calculations, balance sheet reports, check printing, and mobile receipt capture.

  1. Sunrise 

Sunrise accounting software is packed with all the key sales and accounting automation features that you could ask for. Sunrise doesn’t rely on complicated accounting rules or jargon but delivers a simple solution for hassle-free accounting. Here you can create invoices, and organize your expenses with ease. Using Sunrise, you can accept payments using many different channels and support multiple currencies. Other features of Sunrise include branded invoices, budgeting, automatic categorization, and receipts import. To boost your productivity and save time, Sunrise is a top solution.

  1. ZipBooks

ZipBooks was designed to streamline your financial processes and boost your productivity levels. ZipBooks software offers many capabilities, including income projection and time tracking. It’s simple to connect your profile straight to your bank account. ZipBooks helps you to keep all your financial data in a centralized location, allowing you to access your financial info with ease, from anywhere.

  1. Zoho Books

Zoho Books is a top solution to help businesses take charge of their cash flow and improve their finances. Using Zoho Books, you can benefit from robust features such as balance sheets, time tracking, inventory management, invoice templates and contact management. With Zoho Books, businesses can connect their accounting systems with their CRM. To do so, you can integrate Zoho Books with Zoho CRM software.

  1. Mint 

Mint is marketed as a personal finance app, yet that doesn’t mean that it’s not a great budgeting app for entrepreneurs. With Mint, you can log all of your expenses and your accounts, all in one place. You can manage bills and even take a look at your credit score. Mint can help entrepreneurs to manage their personal finances, or their business finances, depending on their needs. While there are no business accounting features, Mint is a fantastic place to create budgets. 

Without a detailed budget, it’s impossible to improve your financial health or work towards reducing your debts. Accumulating a large amount of debt can affect both your personal and business finances. To take control of your debt, take a look at the Debt to Success System – DTSS Complete Freedom & Debt Discharge Membership Programs. The DTSS program is the best debt relief system out there, helping individuals and businesses free themselves from debt for good.

Further ideas 

Besides these handy business tech tools, try these critical tips for staying on top of your business finances.

  • Keep things separate: Combining your business finances and your personal finances can get complicated, so ensure that you have entirely separate accounts.
  • Rental over purchasing: To save money on everything from your office building to your equipment, it can be helpful to rent instead of committing to purchase.
  • Seek out funding opportunities: There are plenty of organizations out there which offer funding opportunities for startups and small businesses. For starters, check out the Facebook Small Business Grants Program.


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