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7 Gift Ideas for Every Member of Your Family

Gift Ideas

7 Gift Ideas for Every Member of Your Family

While it’s so much fun to give to others during the holidays, it can be stressful and time consuming to find the perfect gift for each of your family members. If there are family members you have yet to check off your shopping list, then here are 7 gift ideas to jog your creativity.

For the Dad

Dad is sure to love a freezer mug. While this might not be the most ideal gift during the winter time, it’ll definitely come in use when warm weather returns. A freezer mug can be placed in the freezer and “frozen.” Once it’s frozen, he can pour his favorite drink. If Dad is outside in the sun barbecuing, working in the yard, or just hanging out, his freezer mug will keep his drink cool—it’s way more effective than using ice cubes. What’s also great about a freezer mug is that they come in a variety of different designs. For example, if Dad is a sports fan then you can find a freezer mug with his favorite team’s logo.

For the Mom

The tough part about winter is that the weather is often too cold to wear flats. Get Mom a pair of winter flats so she can continue to enjoy these comfortable shoes all winter long. Winter flats are designed to keep her feet warm even in frigid temperatures, so Mom can be stylish and comfortable while she’s out doing holiday shopping. And when she has a pair of winter flats, she’ll be able to mix up her winter wardrobe so it’s not all Ugg boots from November to March!

For the Younger Kids

Whether you have a younger boy, younger girl, or both, they’ll be fascinated by a toy marble track. With this colorful little set, your kids will be able to drop marbles onto the track and watch them zip around. There’s something about marbles that younger children love. Furthermore, it’ll help your children enhance their logic and reasoning capabilities, hand-eye coordination, and visual sensory skills. If you have children that are just a little older, you can help them develop their creativity in a similar way by buying them LEGOs.


Babies can be forgotten about sometimes. It’s easy enough to buy them a rattle or something that they may or may not use, but if you decide to buy toys, think about getting something that works to help them to develop their brain. Kaiby Baby Gifts provide hampers of various toys that stimulate and entertain. But if you are stuck for options, what does your child need? It’s usually clothes because they grow up so fast. 

For the Older Kids

Teenagers are difficult to buy for because they’ve outgrown toys, yet they might still be bored by clothes. Chances are, they want to go out and do fun things. So why not gift an experience for your older kids? Cloud 9 Living lets you gift a wide variety of activities for your teens, including adventure activities, flying activities, dining activities, water activities, and cultural experiences. Teens enjoy doing these kinds of activities, and they’ll like having another cool experience to post about on social media.

For the Much Older Kids

Your adult children might need a little help getting into cooking—preparing food is definitely one of the hardest challenges of college and postgrad life. Help them out by getting them The Recipe Wheel book. This is basically an interactive cookbook that will help your grown kids discover new kinds of exciting foods and recipes. You start with a simple recipe, and then you can rotate the wheels to add variations of spices and flavors. It’s fun, simple, and a great way to simplify the food preparation process for your budding chefs, while also giving them an easy way to expand their cooking skill set.

For the Pet

We mustn’t forget about our furry family members! Most pets hate taking baths, but you can make their bath time a whole lot easier by getting a pet bathing wand. This acts as an attachment to your shower head, sink, or a garden hose, and makes it easier to give your pet a good cleaning. This gift will make them happier, healthier, and less stinky.

For the Whole Family

Looking for a great gift for the whole family? Wrap a few board games and plan a fun family game night! You can incorporate classic board games, like Chutes and Ladders, with modern board games like Mouse Trap. Pack a card game, too, for variety. You can also pack some fun sweets that everyone can share at game night—game night snacks make great stocking stuffers.

With our holiday gift guides, you’ll easily be able to find the perfect gift for everyone in your family.

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