7 Gifts for the Fitness Fans in Your Family

7 Gifts for the Fitness Fans in Your Family

7 Gifts for the Fitness Fans in Your Family

Do you have any family members who love working out or who have a very active lifestyle? These family members can be tough to buy gifts for, especially if you’re not quite as active as they are. Here are 7 great gift ideas for the fitness fans in your life, whether you need a gift for a birthday, holiday, special occasion (like coronavirus quarantine), or “just because.”

1. Running Shoes

Running shoes are a fantastic gift for anyone who enjoys jogging or sprinting. It doesn’t even matter if your recipient already has a pair of running shoes—it’s always helpful to have multiple pairs just in case one pair gets soaked in the rain or a puddle, gets muddy, or gets smeared in dog poop.

When you’re shopping for a good pair of running shoes, be sure you know your recipient’s shoe size and try and figure out whether they have a natural arch. If they don’t have a natural arch, look for a shoe that has an arched shape—it will help keep your recipient from running flat-footed.

2. Workout Earphones

Few people can workout without listening to music, so workout earphones make for a helpful gift. Some people prefer to wear headphones while they work out, so try and figure out which your recipient prefers. Earphones typically don’t offer sound quality that’s as good as the sound offered by headphones, but earphones are also much lighter and won’t fall off as easily.

No matter which you choose, definitely try and get a wireless model. Corded earphones and headphones can be irritating because the cord always swings back and forth, whips the body, and tugs the earbuds loose. Wireless devices make it much easier. You also might consider getting your recipient a smartphone running armband so they can bring their phone (and Spotify) along for their workout without it getting in the way.

3. Athletic Socks

It’s important that you protect your feet while you’re working out, whether your going on a run or lifting weights. Athletic shoes provide a lot of traction, cushion, and support, but your recipient should also be wearing athletic socks. Athletic socks cushion the feet and also soak up lots of sweat. Some types of athletic socks have a tight ankle grip, which helps keep the ankle more stable during agile exercises.

Some types of athletic activities require a different kind of sock. If your recipient plays baseball, for example, you should buy baseball socks, which are longer and protect the leg from dirt slides into home plate.

4. Home Gym Equipment

Coronavirus has made it difficult for gym rats because it’s basically closed lots of gyms across the country. If you have a family member who enjoys lifting weights, you might consider creating a small home gym by gifting your recipient with home gym equipment. The essentials include:

  • Workout bench
  • Half rack
  • Rubber weights
  • Dumbbells
  • Weight rack

Weight lifting equipment is expensive, so start with the basics first and then your recipient can slowly add more equipment. The nice thing, though, is that your recipient can use this equipment for a long time and won’t have to pay for a pricey gym membership. If you don’t have the budget for all of these, you can use the MiHigh’s infrared sauna blanket for your fitness.

5. Stationary Bike

A stationary bike is a great piece of home equipment for anyone who loves doing cardio. Modern stationary bikes are very advanced, and typically feature digital screens so your recipient can take virtual classes for intense workouts. You might also consider getting your recipient a treadmill if he or she likes running. Either a stationary bike or a treadmill are great workout machines for a long quarantine stint during coronavirus.

7 Gifts for the Fitness Fans in Your Family

6. Pull-Up Bar

Pull-ups are a difficult, but very effective workout. A pull-up bar makes it easy to do pull-ups at home—all you’ve got to do is position it above a doorway at home. Careful: a home pull-up bar is highly addictive and your whole family might suffer from some major gains in back strength.

7. Health Foods

Lastly, a meal delivery service subscription is a priceless gift for any fitness fan. It’s important for fitness freaks to eat lots of vegetables and protein-rich foods, so your recipient will enjoy having healthy food delivered straight to the doorstep.

Any of these gifts are sure to delight the fitness fan in your family. Also be sure to view these 7 gift ideas for every member of your family.

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