7 Must-Have Items for a Holistic 2020

7 Must-Have Items for a Holistic 2020

7 Must-Have Items for a Holistic 2020

Are you trying to live a more holistic life in 2020 (in other words, are you trying to attain a more peaceful and connected mind and body)? Then you need to infuse your life with the right holistic tools to balance and improve your mental and physical energy. Here are 7 must-have items that can help you be happy and healthy in 2020.

  1. Journal

A journal is the most simple and arguably most effective tool to add to your holistic arsenal this year. Write whatever you want in your journal; write fiction and poetry, or write about your day and the emotions you’re feeling. You can write every single day of the year (a noble goal) or you could just write whenever you feel like doing so. There are no rules or proper methods to journaling.

Journaling is a terrific way to become more mindful of your thoughts and emotions—it’s basically a form of self-therapy. When you’re more aware of your feelings, you’re more likely to control them better and prevent them from overwhelming you.

  1. Essential Oils

There are so many benefits to using essential oils. Essential oils are natural oils that are extracted from plants, and you can use them for a variety of holistic purposes. Some oils have amazing scents that will help you open up your airways and breathe better. Others you can rub on your skin for a calming sensation. And you can place most essential oils in a humidifier or diffuser to spread the scent around your entire home. If you’re interested in holistic beauty, you’ll be able to find a variety of skincare products that use these types of oils.

You can browse essential oils online and learn about the benefits of each one. And if you’re new to essential oils, be sure to check out our essential oils guide.

  1. Aromas

There are lots of other great products that produce soothing aromas. The most popular scent-producing items are candles and incense. Candles are wonderful for both their scent and the beautiful atmosphere they create with their light. Incense produces a more powerful scent that’s also a little more naturally “smoky.” Place either of them around your home to create a more relaxing atmosphere.

But you can also take calming scents wherever you go. An aromatherapy bracelet is a diffuser-turned-bracelet that releases natural scents. It’s both fashionable and incredibly relaxing. If you’re having a stressful day at the office, there’s no better fashion item to wear.

  1. Crystals

In holistic medicine, crystals are believed to have healing properties that vary from one crystal to the next. Whether you believe in that or not, there’s no doubt that crystals have colors, shapes, and textures that are dazzling to look at and feel. You can wear crystals on jewelry or you can keep them at your desk to bring you joyful thoughts throughout the day.

Interestingly, the color of a crystal can inspire different moods in us, which largely has to do with our psychological relationship to colors. Learn about crystal colors and build a collection of them so you’ll have the right-colored crystal when you need it. You can even buy a crystal-growing kit and grow your own crystals at home.

  1. Mats (yoga and acupressure)

Meditation and massage techniques are some of the best ways to “connect” your mind and body. Yoga is one of the most popular meditation styles because it’s both relaxing and physically challenging, but you’re able to push yourself only so far as you want to. Bring home a yoga mat in 2020 and consider taking some entry yoga classes to learn about the art form.

You might also enjoy using an acupressure mat. An acupressure mat has rubberized spikes so you can give yourself a massage by doing certain exercises on it.

  1. Tarot Cards

Tarot cards have been practiced for centuries, and it might be a fun activity for you to learn in 2020. Go online and learn the basics of doing tarot card readings, and then purchase your own deck. Again, you don’t have to truly believe in the supernatural aspects of tarot cards in order to have fun with them—they’re a great way to practice mindfulness and to gain different perspectives on your life.

  1. Lights

Nothing can create a calming atmosphere quite like lights. Decorate your home or your meditation space with candles, string lights, or decorative lamps—like a Himalayan salt lamp or lava lamp.

Hopefully, one of more of these items will help you feel mentally and physically powerful in 2020!

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