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80’s BINGO Fun

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80's BINGO

80’s BINGO Fun

Get a new twist on an old favorite BINGO. This 80’s BINGO will make you remember people, things, and places from the 80’s. This can be a great party game or explain to the kids why they remind you of the 80’s. 80’s BINGO can be fun for all ages.

Phone home: the 80’s are back! Acid-wash those jeans, mousse your mullet and prepare yourself for pop culture’s true zenith: the freshest decade as a bingo game.

80’s Bingo flashdances its way through some of history’s most righteous icons. From Boy George and Cabbage Patch Kids to the hamburger phone and Ghostbusters, this board game is the next best thing to borrowing a DeLorean.

With 8 doubled-sided randomized bingo cards, and 48 tokens with 80s-centric flavor, this game can keep you and your friends playing all night long. (This box set includes more detailed instructions on how to play.)

See who remembers what about the different squares. Share memories from good times you had during the 80’s. The BINGO board are big and a sturdy cardboard. This can be played over and over. This would make a great gift for lots of people.

Teach the kids about how we lived differently than they live now. Share some of the toys you had and how you dressed. Who were the famous singers and do the kids have any idea who they are.

This 80’s BINGO game can be played by 3 – 7 players. The teenagers will love to see what you looked like back then so bring some pictures of you. As a matter of fact have an 80’s dinner party with friends and have everyone bring pictures from that time. This would be full of laughs and the grandparents might realize the kids now are not that different than how they once were.




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  1. This would definitely be a fun one to play on Family Game Night! My kids would get a kick out of learning more about the 80s, too.

  2. This sounds a lot like trivial pursuit which my family really enjoyed playing. This would be great for our holiday get together.

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