80s Puzzles For Anyone That Grew Up Then

80s Puzzles For Anyone That Grew Up Then

80s Puzzles For Anyone That Grew Up Then

If you like puzzles and you like the 80s then you will love Smith Street Gift. They have 80s puzzles that show all the icons from those days. These are great puzzles that make really nice gift for anyone that grew up in the 80s. This first of the 80s puzzles has the icons on it and on the back it reminds us of who they all are.

80s Puzzles For Anyone That Grew Up In The 80’s, and they will remember good times from different things they could do back then. People like Cyndi Lauper, Madonna, and Prince. Or shows like Back To The Future and Ghostbusters.  Things like Stiletto Boots, Atari, and Cabbage Patch Kids.  Yeah I remember all of these and more but this give us a quick look back. Let the kids ask you if you remember these things, people, and shows.

These are high quality and will stand up to use for years.  Glue it together and make a picture for the rec room.  These pictures come out beautiful.

The next 80s puzzles features The Iconic David Bowie. An unofficial jigsaw puzzle celebrating the enduring legacy of David Bowie, the interplanetary icon who’s missed around the world, every single day.

The chameleonic legacy of alien rock god, David Bowie, spans decades. Weaving through the real and the imagined, his personas—in music, film and fashion—record an evolving genius, from young David Jones to glam Ziggy Stardust and beyond. His life was defiant and iconic—a true artist of reinvention, expression and electrifying music.

Smith Street Books is an independent publishing company based in Melbourne, Australia, but with a reach across the book-loving world.

They make vibrant, quirky, hilarious – and sometimes serious – books. Books with an eye for illustration, photography and design. Books that inspire.


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  1. Having grown up in the 70’s and being a young adult in the 80’s, I think this puzzle would be a blast to put together! Thanks for the review!

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