9 Tips for When You Need to Sell and Buy Property Fast

9 Tips for When You Need to Sell and Buy Property Fast

In the uncertain times, covid-19 brought into many families, selling properties and finding smaller, more simplistic lifestyles to endure the pandemic. You’ll need to consider various aspects before making a movie like this, so it’s vital to plan and plan well. If you put out a solid strategy for selling, buying, and moving from one location to another, it might just be somewhat easier. 

When you purchase another property on the market and can’t sell your current home, you’ll have two properties, two bonds, and a lot of responsibility. This is why the strategy behind selling, buying, and renting is of utmost importance to property. If you don’t get it right, you risk losing your dream home, or you risk owning two properties at one while you’re trying to sell. There are so many considerations for an individual selling their property, but it shouldn’t be too difficult if you have professional, experienced agents supporting you. In this article, we’ll look at nine tips for when you need to sell and buy and rent all at the same time.

9 Tips for When You Need to Sell and Buy Property Fast

1 Find a good agent

When you decide you’ll be selling your property, you must do some thorough research on local property agents. This will allow you to choose one who will claim to be the best and offer quality services like an accurate property valuation and a unique selling strategy. It’s also vital to note that real estate agents using property tech have been making significant advancements in the real estate industry in modern times. Therefore, your agent will be an integral part of selling your home fast and for the right price. 

2 Clean your property thoroughly  

When you want to sell your home, the process of marketing it to all potential buyers starts. The first thing any buyer will see when they first become interested in your property is the photos. If your property’s photos don’t convince the buyer of your property, no one will. The pictures need to be wide-angle and taken to display the most beautiful features of your home. The more potential buyers like the photos of your home, the more appointments you’ll make, which means you’ll sell your property faster. So ensure your property is clean and neat for the photo’s and each appointment from viewers.  

3 Find your next home 

While in this busy and sometimes overwhelming process of selling your current property, you also have to pay some attention to finding your next home. This may sometimes be a challenge as you don’t want to make a rushed decision. So instead, you can consider moving into an apartment until such time you feel confident in signing on to your dream home. Not only will this be advantageous, but it will also give you much more time to reflect on what you genuinely want, helping you make a decision that might last thirty years. 

4 Digital Marketing Strategy

The digital marketing efforts of your agent will be increasingly influential in the time your property will stay on the market. By offering you a featured listing and state-of-the-art digital marketing strategies, your home shouldn’t be on the market for too long. With the amount of potential reach online, hosting show houses and waiting for people to pitch isn’t as effective anymore. So ensure your real estate agent is tech-enabled for the best results. 

5 Secure financing

This is another aspect that becomes slightly more difficult when you’re considering buying and selling a property in your name. You’ll have to find reliable credit providers to offer you a mortgage on your new home. It’s essential you research and see which credit provider can provide you with the best interest rates. Going online and using an hdb calculator to find the perfect match and an amount you can comfortably afford. By doing this, you put yourself in the best position of having a relatively easy transition. 

6 Get the valuation right 

This will be one of the tasks your agent should assist you with; when you sell your property for the wrong price, you can just as well not even try. Selling a property will mostly depend on the valuation of the home. Buyers don’t want expensive homes, and sellers don’t want to sell their homes for cheap. It’s understandable from both perspectives, but both the buyer and seller will need to negotiate and settle in the middle at some point and time. Don’t let sentiment ruin the sale of your property because it’s happened various times with property sales before.

7 Remember the move 

The move will feel like the final part of the process as you have to pack everything you own, look at how people pack them in a truck, and drive off with all your belongings. This will most likely be an emotional moment, and take some time to reminisce over all the exciting and fun experiences you had at this home. It won’t be easy to accept initially, but your new home will also offer you these experiences and fun times with family and friends. 

8 Get in touch with a transfer attorney

When it comes to the paperwork and transferring the property from you to the buyer, you’ll need to have a transfer attorney to assist you with these processes. The more responsive your attorney, the faster the transfer. Transfers of properties can take a while, and it’s essential to stay calm and work through this property sale process. 

9 Settle your current mortgage 

Once you sell the property, your current mortgage will be settled with the sale funds of your property. If your bond has already been settled, the transfer attorney will allocate all necessary funds to be paid into your account. At this point, if you’re not purchasing a new property, it’s also vital to keep your money safe up to the time that you need it. 

Using these techniques and tips when selling your property will ensure smooth sailing and not get anxious during the process. With a good agent, your property will sell for the right price. It’s not only one thing that makes a noticeable difference; it’s all of these aspects combined that will give you an excellent selling experience. 


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