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A Jerky Bouquet For The Person You Love

Jerky Bouquet

A Jerky Bouquet For The Person You Love

If you want a great gift from the family to Dad then try a Manly Man Co Jerky Bouquet. Yeah it’s Dad’s favorite gift! This is a great gift for any man at anytime during the year. It’s not just for men either, woman like jerky too! Jerky Bouquets are something that won’t wither away but it will disappear.

These great jerky bouquet are made by Manly Man Co and they do a fantastic job. Dad will want you to get him a bouquet at every occasion. The jerky is actually really good. The meat stick for the stem are delicious. We didn’t find anything we did not like about this gift. They even have other delicious gifts for the men in your life.

They will be re-launching their non-manly version of ManlyManCo.com called Awesome Gifts Co.

Bring this to the next party!  You will be a big hit.  While everyone is enjoying their Food & Drinks they will definitely sneak a taste of these meat flowers. Manly Man Co edible gifts will make a big hit at family get-togethers, gift for Dad, Hubby, Boyfriend, or even boss.

This is so full we had to put it in a bag so it wouldn’t dry out but wow it makes a great food gifts for him.

See how full this is! It has so much jerky on here. I know he wants to save it for deer hunting but it will never last until November.  Any man in your life with love you just a little more for this thoughtful gift!

Approximately one year after Manly Man beef jerky bouquets were born, stemless maple candied bacon jerky rose bouquets were launched. Almost one year after their second major release with bacon roses, they launched a non-manly brand called Awesome Gifts Co.™, in response to overwhelming requests for bouquets anyone can be gifted. To date, The Manly Man Company boasts an ever-growing line of unique, custom and curated gifts. Veteran-Owned, Small Business Located in Sunny Southern California


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