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A Wardrobe Of T-Shirts In One Shirt

A Wardrobe Of T-Shirts In One Shirt

A Wardrobe Of T-Shirts In One Shirt

Chalk of the Town makes unique shirts that will be a different shirts every time you wear it.  A wardrobe of t-shirts with these shirts you can write on and erase. Change your shirt even while you are wearing it. Write something draw something, anything you want to. Tell people how you feel today with your shirts.  They sent me the bubble t-shirts.

Wardrobe Of T-Shirts In One Shirt

This is a great family project. That’s what my daughter did with the grandkids today.  They were going to the beach and wanted to make matching shirts.  They had a great time doing their shirts using the including stencils and some did not decorate but just wrote something unique. This was a great day at the lake. Krystal is going to continue to use the t-shirts to mark milestone such as 6 months old, etc.

Chalk it up with the unique surface on this T-shirt that allows you to instantly write, draw and customize with the included chalk markers! Once the ink dries, the design stays on until you erase it. Kids and fans of all ages can decorate these shirts for birthdays, sporting events, themed parties, holiday photos and more. A fashionable stencil is also included to provide a bit of inspiration. Here’s the best part: The chalkboard can be wiped clean with water and the shirt can be used over and over again.

Product Details

  • Kit Contents: 100% cotton T-shirt, 3 chalk markers (pink, green & blue), Best Day emoji stencil, erasing cloth
  • Design stays on until chalkboard is wiped clean with a damp cloth
  • Available in sizes XS(2-4), S(6-8), M(10-12), L(14-16) & XL(18-20)
  • Recommended for ages 4 years and up
  • Machine washable

These shirts are high quality nice t-shirts.  They have shirts for both kids and adults. You can see now how you can have a wardrobe of t-shirts in one shirt!


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