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ABX Workout Blu-Ray

ABX Workout Blu-Ray

This fun form of fitness gives you the tools you need to experience personal power on all levels. Physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically, financially and spiritually. It is a holistic use of time and space to allow all of your goals to be met, dreams to be realized, and visions to be experienced. Don’t you want to look, feel and perform at your best for life? This is NOT a dress rehearsal. Your life is right now!

ABX began in 2005 as a dancers vision that came to her in a dream as a way to share the love of dance with non-dancers. Since then it has evolved into a complete fitness program. It includes many elements of fitness including, but not limited to: yoga, Pilates, martial arts, ballet, tap, active internal resistance, tumbling, baton, freeform, hip hop, pop n’ lock, breakdancing, energy work, Traditional Chinese Medicine, tai chi, aerobics, Capoeira, weightlifting, jazz, exotic dance, barre & imagination.

With ABX the key is that all of this is done with an engaged “core” (abdominals, obliques, psoas, multifidi and other related muscle groups), and engaged “posterior chain” (Latisimus dorsi and related muscle groups, and the gluteals, performs and related muscle groups). It is in this way that we accomplish so much, so efficiently with a lower risk for injury, and a greater fitness level that is truly function in the real world.

ABX Workout Blu-Ray

  • Physically: lose weight, tighten body, tone muscles, increase strength, stamina, flexibility, and energy control
  • Mentally: be in the present moment, be OK with sensations, not judging pain or pleasure, releasing blocks in energy, and learning to practice positive affirmations for oneself and others
  • Emotionally: You gain greater awareness of feelings, allowing more freedom and happiness, and in the process commanding others to honor your emotions
  • Energetically: allows you to feel well, radiate abundance, attract good health, wealth, and positive people in your circle
  • Financially: allows you to feel more in control of expenses, knowing you need nothing more than your health and what serves your true needs, while opening channels of creativity and abundance
  • Spiritually: become more of who you deeply and authentically are, serving the universe and allowing your personality to shine

ABX Workout Blu-Ray

Erin Buchanan created the routine and demonstrates it on the dvd.  My favorite thing about this DVD is the way Erin helps you with your breathing.  This video and the exercises Erin presents are excellent. It’s not just another cardio exercise video or the same old thing with a different face.  She gets right to the heart of what exercise should do, which is strengthen your core and make you healthier.  She makes it engaging by adding suggestions and ideas that are good for your mind as well as your body. Another thing is that you can do the exercises at your own level even while completing all the exercises, as you improve, you can work harder, continuing to challenge yourself more and more each time you watch and participate.

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  1. i am determined to get back in shape this year. ive gained a healthy amount of weright… now to turn it into RAWR!

  2. I like that the ABX Workout DVD has dancing and helps you with breathing. Maybe my form will be OK with all the coaching and tips. Looks like a fun way to get in shape.

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