Add A Classy Touch With A Wood Watch

Add A Classy Touch With A Wood Watch

Add A Classy Touch With A Wood Watch

If you want to give the man in your life something different this year then get them a new wood watch. This really add a classy touch to whatever he is wearing, a suit to jeans. Groovy Groomsmen Gifts and Bridesmaid Gifts Boutique has some great gifts and whether you have a wedding coming up or are looking for something for a gift. This wood watch is just a great example of 1 item they have. 

You can personalize this watch on the back with initials and any role (spouse, boyfriend, significant other, best man, groom, etc) engraved into the wood. It will always be showtime for the man lucky enough to be wearing one of these amazing watches, since people won’t be able to take their eyes off of them. These beautiful watches are made with ebony wood. With the personalized engraving options, your groomsmen will know it came from you. So give your men the gift of time and they can sport a wood watch 24 hours a day.

This watch is well made and should last them for years. You can wear this with other jewelry and it looks great.  The watch is very lightweight so they might forget they are wearing it. Any man will love the darker colored wood. My husband can have marks on his arm if wearing a watch made from certain metals, with wood you never have to worry about that. The face is large and easy to read. This is an great gift for the eco-friendly man.

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Groovy Groomsmen Gifts was founded because someone that was part of many wedding parties and noticed a consistent theme of tacky gifts and a total lack of creativity. With a full recognition that men aren’t natural shoppers, they saw a need for one comprehensive stop to make their lives easy during this amazingly maddening stretch. They value proposition to you is one place with a constantly growing cache’ of great gift possibilities for any type of man. Their staff is constantly searching for sensational groomsmen gift ideas that embody a balance of tradition, creativity, and functionality. The Groovy credo is to ensure that whatever they sell, it doesn’t end up in your groomsmen’s basement box. They have over 300 items to choose from.

The also have Bridesmaids Gifts Boutique that has the perfect gifts for women.  Talk about one stop shopping. Get all your holiday shopping done within just 2 websites and the receivers will love them.

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  1. These wood watches are so unique and beautiful! I really love the look of them. My husband is a watch collector but has never had a wooden one before. Great gift idea!

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