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Aluminum Spray Bottles

These Aluminum Spray Bottles Are Great With My Essential Oils

I have different containers for my essential oil mixes but I did not have any spray bottle.  The aluminum spray bottle keep my essential oils in great condition when mixing with water.  I love these cause I can reuse them with new scents I discover.

These bottle work well with almost any liquids, but not pure oils like olive oil.  The consistency needs to be thin like water.  The nozzle fits the bottle perfectly, preventing leaks.   We have the puppies for a couple more weeks and need to freshen their bed and the house until we can clean our carpets extra good.  I clean up their accidents but I am sure there are places I have missed.

Aluminum Spray Bottles

These are not huge so you could put them in luggage, gym bag, or your purse.  They spray out in a mist which is also nice because you do not waste any.  These would be great in restrooms at work or home.  They are refillable so nothing goes into our landfills.

Aluminum Spray Bottles

Since they are aluminum spray bottles they will never get broke, so they will last a long time.  They have a plastic top so it will not get pushed down in a purse or luggage.  Works really well.  They have no dents or marks. Shiny and work with no issues. Very happy with this product, quality is terrific.  No more plastic bottles for use with the kids, this aluminum is much safer.  I like the fact that these spray bottles are very light weight!  The spray handle has a good grip. It sprays well and evenly where you need it.

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