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A’Marie’s Makes The Most Beautiful Soap I Have Seen

These are so beautiful and would look great in any bathroom.  They smell fantastic and are super easy to use. Garden-inspired bathing flowers made with 97% natural ingredients. Select fragrant petal to use for hand washes, bathing or shaving. The goat’s milk soap blend moisturizes while cleansing. Each flower has about 30 full bath petals or about 300 hand washes.  I have only seen these sold at A’Marie’s.

Beautiful Soap

Each flower contains at least 35 petals.  These are approximately 5 inches x 3 inches H.  They come in a beautiful box that is ready for gift giving.  These would make great gifts for so many people.  Moms, Grandma, friend, housewarming, Christmas, birthday, Mother’s Day, and just any day!  They make my bathroom smell wonderful and when used in the shower my skin is smooth and smells great!

Beautiful Soap

They put an empty tealight container to place the petal in until you use it again.  Yes, each petal can be used for several hand washes.  Just pull one petal from your flower and use for your choice of hand washes, bathing, or shaving. The petal melts into a creamy lather that include moisturizing goat’s milk, shea butter and coconut oils.  This soap not only looks beautiful but it also treats your skins beautifully too!

They truly watch every detail with these soap flowers.  A few pieces have glitter on the tip to make them shine in the light!  These feel like thin layers of soap and mine has not been broken in any spots and I have moved it and put it in and out of the box.  Next time you are traveling put a couple of the petals in your suitcase and you will not have to worry about carrying wet products on the plane.

An average petal last about 10 hand washes. Each flower yields over 30 full body cleanses or 300 hand washes. In addition, petals may be sprinkled into running bath water for a skin softening soak.

They also make these beautiful soap brooch set that match some of the flowers.  Yes they have more check out their website!  Look at all the locations these flowers are available at HERE.

Check out their video on how to use each petal.

Visit to order yours today!





I received these to give my honest opinion.


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  1. These handmade flower soaps are so pretty. I like that they’re made with natural ingredients. They make nice gifts.

  2. There’s nothing like a warm bath with great smelling bath soap/salts.Such a stress reliever! It’s tough to say which is my favorite, but the Vintage Rose is definitely one I would want to try.

  3. These soaps are so pretty. Great for any bathroom. Great gift idea. Thank you so much for sharing these. God Bless

  4. The soaps are so pretty. Wish I could buy some. Also on the email you sent out to enter the soap giveaway it goes to an error page. Please try and correct this so I ma enter.

  5. These are just beautiful. I can only imagine the time and work that goes into making these soaps.

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