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Animal Island Learning Adventure Sit & Play

Animal Island Learning Adventure Sit & Play

Animal Island Learning Adventure Sit & Play

Animal Island Learning Adventure Sit & Play teaches your child even when you are busy.  They can learn letters, colors, animals and more starting at 12 months old. I know it seems young but this Animal Island Learning Adventure Sit & Play is so adorable and fun to listen to it will keep their attention.  Mom or Dad can get it started and the child can listen to up to 60 preprogrammed stories.  Then with the story book they can read the same story to them at bedtime.  The kids are going to love learning with this!

They get to meet to fun and colorful animal character. The colors on the screen are just amazing it will draw a child to it.  As they go through the lessons the parents can see how far they were able to get to. They have letters of the day that will teach them a new letter as they go through this. This has high-quality educational content developed by educators and innovators for early learning when it matters the most. It’s hands-free, worry-free, ad-free and subscription-free with automatic updates. There are three play modes with curated playlists: broadcast for exposure, session for learning and lullaby for sleepy babies.

Don’t worry about them constantly tipping this over, they have the perfect solution with the suction holder. The suction device is big enough to fit the base unit into and then you can put it on the table for the kids to touch the characters and anything else they might see. This will allow you to make dinner while keeping your child entertained and growing smarter. Parents can also sit and watch how much your child enjoys learning, so you can reinforce the lessons they have learned in everyday life.

With Animal Island Learning Adventure’s unique hardware that is perfect for kids this young.  That means it tough and can stand up to most kids.  AI software and exclusive content is an educational tool for parents to train their toddlers attention span early on and to support cognitive development, early literacy, numeracy education, social skills, and emotional growth during a toddler’s critical first years of learning.

Engaging and fun content blended automatically for a toddler to sing along, dance, and learn ABC’s, 123’s, colors, shapes, words, stories and music together with their animal friends in the virtual preschool on the Animal Island so that parents have the peace of mind. AILA keeps track of the curriculum milestones and delivers the right content at the right time. AILA Parent App lets parents set learning sessions, check in on their toddler, send photos and videos, and monitor the screen time.

Animal Island Learning Adventure (AILA) is an essential virtual preschool learning system, exclusively on a toddler-friendly device that is hands-free, worry-free, all-in-one intelligent monitor and edutainment system.

Teaches ABCs, 123s, colors, shapes, words, reading, and music
At-home preschool curriculum
Hands-free, worry-free, and without any ads
Adapts to your child’s learning style
Developed by educators and innovators
Free mobile app for parents to track learning
Free content updates

This really helps the kids start loving to learn and they will be craving more.  This can be used daily for hours or just a few minutes, learn at their pace.  I love the fact that kids can use this as young as 12 months and continue to use this until kindergarten. They will love to play, dance, and listen to the great adventures their new friends will have. Give them the gift that so many children love. This makes a great gift for the holidays, birthday, and just because day!

I just had to update this.  Kenzie has been using this since she was 6 months old and now takes it every where with her.  She loves it!

Animal Island Learning Adventure

Available at Animalisland.us, Amazonbuybuy Baby, Bed Bath & Beyond.

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  1. This is the cutest educational tool I have ever seen, I love how much it teaches your little one! It seems like it would be very engaging as well. I also love how safe it is, being as it’s not like the internet or doesn’t have ads or commercials. Thank you so much for sharing!

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