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Cold Winter Nights

THIS Is The Answer For Cold Winter Nights

I don’t know about you but I use to be cold all the time, that was before hot flashes.  I would have loved to get this blanket back then, and I know it will return.  This is the bedgear Performance blanket and is perfect for cold winter nights.  Not only are these the warmest blankets but they even have 3 different Performance blankets, warm, warmer, and warmest.  I have never heard of a blanket with those labels before, I guess you would call them warmness levels.

Performance Blankets features new Climacore® insulation made from hand-laid puff ball fibers. The unique fill captures body heat within the blanket for extra insulation, heat recovery and return. Hypoallergenic clusters wick away moisture, ensuring the blanket stays dry and odor free.  Each blanket is designed with Air-X® ventilated zip pockets that evacuate heat for individualized temperature control.

Cold Winter Nights

•   Air-X® Ventilated pockets evacuate heat for individualized temperature control (2 pockets on Twin, 4 pockets on Full/Queen, King and Cal King.)
   Thermal protection top layer is wind resistant and ensures heat retention
•   Climacore® insulation made from hand-laid puff ball fibers captures your body heat within the blanket for extra insulation, heat recovery and return.
   Quilting pattern promotes even heat dissipation throughout the blanket and prevents migration of Climacore® fill for thermal consistency.
•   Climacore® performance blend fill also wicks away moisture so the blanket stays dry and odor free.
•   Hyper-Cotton™ comfort layer on the underside of the blanket is soft and breathable.  Quick dry performance fabric blend provides fast evaporation of moisture for better rest.
   Available in 3 different seasonal weights – Warm, Warmer and Warmest – each with a different GSM.
Warm – 140 GSM
Warmer – 260 GSM
Warmest – 320 GSM
GSM [Grams per Square Meter] refers to the amount of fiber used within each of our blankets. The more fiber that is used, the higher the GSM. The Higher the GSM, the thicker and warmer the blanket is.

Blankets are machine washable in cold water, gentle cycle.

The path to PERFORMANCE begins with quality sleep – quality sleep begins with the right “fit”. Whatever your individual needs, Bedgear’s family of PERFORMANCE bedding products empowers you to select a personalized sleep system for maximum recovery at night.

The amazing Performance Sleep Shops in Michigan, are exclusively at Art Van stores.  Stop by and experience a close up of their Performance product line.

Cold Winter Nights Cold Winter Nights

Well we started to use this last night and I am totally in love!  I unzipped the bottom to allow more circulation and not be so hot.  I could feel the difference before I went to sleep but slept like a baby and no overheating that normally wakes me in the middle of the night, wow a whole nights sleep.  It really is amazing how much better I feel when I can get a full nights sleep.

Cold Winter Nights Cold Winter Nights

The zippers are on the top and bottom of both sides so you can control each side separately.  The blanket itself is a little “crinkle sounding” but it did not bother me once I went to sleep!

Exclusive discount: Use code BLANKETS30 for 30% off.

Learn more about all their great products.








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  1. I wish I had one of these blankets right about now, I’m always cold. These blankets sound absolutely amazing. My twin sister just got her own place and this would be a perfect housewarming gift.

  2. Thanks for this great review! I’ve never heard of these blankets before, but I think they’d be perfect for all seasons. I especially like that you can control the heat on both sides of the blanket.

  3. I need a seriously warm bed cover like this here in MN. The below zero weather is getting to me. These have such beautiful color choices and the stitching looks wonderful.

  4. These blankets sound great. They look so nice. I love that they have warm, warmer and warmest. I get really cold at times. Thank you so much for sharing

  5. It’s still extremely cold here and I love to cuddle under a nice warm blanket like this one. I too have to wake up and throw the blanket off of me when I get overheated. I can’t stand interrupted sleep, because sometimes I have a hard time getting back to sleep! Thank you for sharing!

  6. These blankets seem wonderful! I love that they have ventilation pockets and different levels of warmth. They come in pretty colors too.

  7. These blankets are amazing! I would love to own one. I am so sensitive to the cold that sometimes I need to use like three blankets to stay warm lol.

  8. I think these blankets are great! I love that they’re available in 3 different seasonal weights! I also like that they come in different colors. They look great on a bed. This blanket has so many awesome features!

  9. I would really like to have one of these. I have a space heater in my apartment. It keeps it very warm but sometimes too warm so I think it would be great to have a blanket like this so I could keep it off at night. I also heard weighted blankets help with anxiety.

  10. The technology incorporated into these blankets are fantastic and I need to get one for these cold Chicago winters.

  11. This sounds truly amazing! I’ve been wanting a weighted blanket for some time now. I think it’s going to make for such a cozy and serene night’s sleep. I especially want one for each of my children!

  12. I am always cold during the winter, so these blankets from Bedgear seem perfect for me. I like the navy and teal colors.

  13. This blanket would be awesome for the cold Michigan weather. My room is in the basement so it gets cold down there.

  14. Holy cow…what an amazing sounding product! I NEED weight and heat so I can sleep at night. This sounds like the perfect blanket, like it was made for me!

  15. This blanket sounds so amazing. My husband is always cold and this would be the blanket for him. I also love that it can be machine washed.

  16. I love the Climacore® technology that wicks away moisture so the blanket stays dry and odor free. I sweat while sleeping, so this is a huge help to my comfort. I would love this blanket.

  17. Thank you for the awesome review. I’ve never heard of Performance Blankets before.. With the arctic temps in Jersey we sure could use these. I’m always cold so these are perfect.

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