ATTENTION MEN This Is What Your Woman Wants For The Holidays! @SMGurusNetwork @NaughtonBraun

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ATTENTION MEN This Is What Your Woman Wants For The Holidays!

I know we always say “I really don’t want anything” or at least I do.  Well I would always be happy to get pearls.  Most women don’t want to tell you what they like so men have a hard time knowing what to get women in the life.  Well I think I can tell you that this is what your woman wants not only at the holidays but anytime of the year.  This beautiful necklace is from Naughton Braun and is called THE TRAFALGAR MEDLEY*- HEMATITE & PEARL JEWELRY, and is beautiful!

Woman Wants Woman Wants

The chain can be purchased in 7 different colors, I love this.  You could buy one of each color so that you always have the perfect necklace for your outfit.  I also love that you can wear this necklace with anything, including jeans.  It is a lot longer, at 36 inches,  than most I can buy so it will decorate any top without having to worry about scarves or other things that is just something else to worry about.  This has 3 chains attached to the extra-large pearl, so this necklace is not going to fall off by accident.

Artfully styled for excursions across the square, mall, beach, or office, this hematite and pearl jewelry necklace collection offers color choices to compliment all your outfits!  I took so many pictures so you could see how pretty this necklace is and it goes with any color.  But I figured I better cut it back a little bit.  It really is lighter than I thought it would be when I first seen it.

This pearl is 20 mm, I do not remember ever seeing a pearl this big.  I have shown this to several women of different ages and they really like it so can you imagine how surprise she will be when you finally figure out what your women wants.  Plus since you will see her wear it so much, since it goes with anything, then you will know how much she loves it!

I reviewed Naughton Braun’s another necklace last year from them that I still wear as much as possible.  So I can personally can say their quality is amazing.  Just so you know I took that picture of Desiree at 6 am so she was not happy with me, LOL.

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