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AUCEE Tracker Trail Camera Is Perfect For Hunting Season @SMGurusNetwork @AUCEEfans

AUCEE Tracker Trail Camera

AUCEE Tracker Trail Camera Is Perfect For Hunting Season

My husband hunts at deer season each year.  He has certain areas he goes to each time and this AUCEE Tracker Trail Camera will help him to watch if the deer are around the area or maybe he needs to find a new area.  Let me go over some of the other ways this may be great for hunting.

  1.  See if other people are hunting in the same area.  That way you know you have to be extra careful or find a new area.
  2. Wouldn’t it be nice to record your hunt and how you got that deer.
  3. Never worry about getting fined etc you can prove your movements.
  4. If something were to happen it is proof of what happened.
  5. Fun way to relax and look at the wildlife without disturbing them.

AUCEE Tracker Trail Camera

I love how you can put this camera up on a tree and it will be virtually invisible.  I will update this with my pictures but it looks like you receive everything except the memory card.  This AUCEE Tracker Trail Camera even can record at night.  Around here you never know what will show up bear, bobcats, deer, and a lot more, but that would be nice to see.

AUCEE Tracker Trail Camera

Another great use for this camera would be home security.  If you want to feel more secure put this up on a tree or someplace that is not easy to see, make for sure it is pointed toward your doors and watch to see if anyone comes around.  This would be great for a vacation or weekend trip.

We have someone that we have to watch so we have someone come around the house at different hours during the day and night.  We have 2 freezers on our back porch and for a while we were missing food we both knew we had purchased, so this would have been perfect to find out who it was.  We both agreed that we have plenty and do not mind helping people out, but not the one that we have trouble with.

AUCEE Tracker Trail Camera

Let me give you some specifics about this camera and I will update this when received.

  • Impressively Quick Trigger Time&Unique Side Prep Sensor Design. A faster trigger speed of 0.2-0.6 second ensure each detected action will be captured quickly and accurately, and effective triggering distance up to 20m. Side prep sensor design provides sensing angle and enhance camera’s response speed. You are guaranteed to never miss any of action.
  • Time Lapse Setting&Serial Number Setting. With these two settings, the camera automatically and constantly takes pictures/videos at specified interval, enables you to code the locations in the photos. This helps multi-camera user identified the location when reviewing the photos.
  • Cam+Video Mode. This hunting camera can take pictures and video at every trigger events in“Cam+Video”Mode. You can record all of your most memorable moments.
  • Low Glow Infrared Night Vision LEDs for Flash Range as Far as 65 Feet&IP56 Water Resistance. This black flash trail camera equips with widest 65ft detection range in hunting camera industry, you won’t miss what is walking in front of your camera even in the night. IP56 spray water protect design, it is able to work in tough environments like tropical rain forest.
  • 18 Months Warranty&Excellent Customer Service. If there is any problems with the camera within 18 months, please feel free to contact us before your action, our customer service team will provide professional after-sale service to you. Be aware of Fake and Counterfeit products from NON-AUCEE Seller.

This is the box it comes it, it is easy to wrap so it would make a great gift.

This is everything in the box.  You can easily hang this from a tree anyplace to video all the wildlife you can find.  My husband was really impressed with this camera.  We have been so busy getting ready for the holidays that we have not had time to put this up but I will update this review with a video a.s.a.p.  I did test this out with the dogs in the backyard.  We have a double lot that is fenced in and the camera would turn on even when the dogs were the furthest away.  I would think that is at least 50 feet away.  When I reviewed it I could see the picture very clearly.

This camera is really easy to use.  My husband, who is the least computer or camera knowledgeable person I know, found it easy to use.

This is the back of the case.  This case is sturdy and really protects the camera inside.

As you can see you can review the video without transferring the card or moving the camera.  There is a slot on the side of the camera so you can place a small lock so no one can take the card.

Because the camera is only good to -4 degrees I have to wait until we have a decent weather day to hang it up.  During the summer this will make a great security camera.

Visit and follow them to see what else they offer.



I received this product to give my honest opinion.


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  1. Nice camera. It would be great for deer hunting and I like that it has night vision. I also like the idea of using it for home security. I really had not thought about that use of it before.

  2. I would love to win this. I have been eyeing them up for some time now. It sounds like a good brand and would be awesome to see the critters out back.

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