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AuCuTee White Noise Machine

Whether you have trouble sleeping, want to mask annoying ambient noises, or simply wish to relax, our sound machines could be just what you need.  AuCuTee White Noise Machine is the best thing to relax and fall asleep to.  I love the sound of the babbling brook!  They even have music to put your baby to sleep.

We do lots of research into natural sounds and pays great attention to product design.
The sounds built into the unit were selected from among millions after careful testing and were licensed for use specifically with the products.
AuCuTee is perfect for all ages and environments, bringing you relaxation and peace wherever you go.

AuCuTee is a US registered trademark and Etronixmart is the exclusive store of using it.


Useful for Baby and kids, Apartments/dorms, Light sleepers, Snoring spouses, Noisy neighbors, Office confidentiality, Focus/concentration, Bedroom, Meditation, Yoga, Spa.
White noise and nature sound tones can mask disruptive environmental noises all night long to create an ideal environment for sleep, relaxation, or concentration.


1.Auto-off timer: Set the auto-off timer for 30, 60, or 90 minutes to turn off
2.Support headphone function: Play it with your earphones to mask the background surrounding noise when you are in plane or office.
3.Memory function: When turning it on, it would adjust to the last set sound. It offers 20 kinds of soothing sounds and 7 volume levels.
4.Built-in Li-Ion 1800mAh, Play more than 10h after recharged about 2h

List of sounds

Lullaby 1
White Noise
Pink Noise
Gray Noise
Brown Noise
Cracking fire
Clock ticking
Lullaby 2
Lullaby 3

Package included

1 x Sleep sound machine
1 x Power adapter
1 x User guide
1 x Charging cable

The video shows exactly how this works.  It is a really nice machine with 20 sounds so something for everyone.  It is small and almost flat so if you need to take it with you on vacation or a business trip you can.  I can highly recommend this machine.  This machine really helps me relax so I can close my eyes and be miles away from any issues from the day that might keep me awake.  There are a lot of choices, more than most, of the wonderful sounds.



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  1. (AuCuTee White Noise Machine @Aucuteeofficial) This would be a great Christmas gift for my one older brother who for some crazy reason likes having a fan on all the time for the noise that it makes I guess.

  2. This would definitely be really nice to have! I have a hard time falling asleep every night and think that relaxing sounds would help a lot.

  3. I think I would love the crickets. I know my daughter would love the thunderstorm. That is always when she sleeps the best.

  4. AuCuTee White Noise Machine is exactly what I need. I often wake up from the car noise outside my window, and this should help block out that noise.

  5. I have Insomnia so this would be awesome! Sometimes I just need to relax. I think the Thunderstorm and the babbling brook would be really nice.

  6. This would be great for adults as well since I am in a new city several times a week and have a hard time sleeping.

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