Authentic Irish Sweaters From The Sweatershop @sweatershopIRL

Authentic Irish Sweaters From The Sweatershop

Authentic Irish Sweaters From The Sweatershop

This Authentic Irish Sweaters is so warm. This sweater comes from the Sweatershop.  I like to be warm in the winter and spring and with this sweater I can stay so warm I have to take it off once in awhile. This sweater is their super soft merino wool traditional aran sweater.  They make a variety of Authentic Irish Sweaters.

The Sweatershop is an Irish family run business which was established in 1986 by Dom Byrne who still runs the company to this day. The Sweater Shop is truly a family affair with Dom, his daughter Laura, daughter in law Kate, sister Breege and niece Alva involved in the business! When asked by a journalist from The Irish Times about what made his shop so special in 1986 Dom commented ‘quality, value, and selection’ and this remains true to this day. The Sweatershop boasts a large selection of superb quality Irish Aran knitwear including the finest selection of Authentic Irish Sweaters at reasonable prices. The Sweatershop became so popular with locals and visitors that the business quickly expanded and now there are stores all over Ireland including Dublin, Kilkenny, and Galway city.

Sheeps wool was the first-choice to make these sweaters as the wool was readily available, its oils were water-wicking, and if it could keep the sheep warm, it could do the same for fishermen. What makes the Aran sweater unique, however, are the beautiful and intricate stitches that have been passed down for generations. In fact, the Arans special design actually originated to help keep people warm. Layers and layers of wool woven in different patterns help trap your bodys natural warmth and block cold wind from reaching your skin.

This shows how long this sweater is. This is perfect for winter or spring days without a coat, it is very warm. We ordered a medium and she loves the fit. Desiree also loves how soft and cozy this sweater is. She was really surprised that it was not scratchy for being wool. I was impressed how affordable these sweaters are for such a great sweater.  I highly recommend this for anyone that is cold.

I love the craftsmanship on this Authentic Irish Sweater! This is made so perfectly and the quality is amazing. Each of the beautiful patterns of the Aran sweater have unique meanings attached. These stitches have been passed down for generations and make Aran sweaters special and unique to Ireland. The honeycomb stitch represents the hardworking bee and the rewards for honest work.

The Sweatershop carries all kinds of products from sweaters to scarves, summer wraps to shawls, and so much more.  They have items for the whole family.






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  1. I’m a fan of big sweaters, by which I mean the slightly over-sized sweaters, lol. I love Aran style sweaters. These are just beautiful.

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