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Diving Into The Pool With Avengers Dive Characters™ @SwimWays


Avengers Dive Characters

Diving Into The Pool With Avengers Dive Characters™

Marvel Avengers Dive Characters from SwimWays are soft, flexible dive toys featuring kid-favorite characters! The set of water toys are fun to play with both in and out of the pool – use them for dive and retrieval practice to encourage new swimmers, or for role play inside on a rainy day. Includes 3 characters in every pack, 1 of each character: Captain America, Iron Man, and Hulk.

  • Avengers Dive Characters™
    • Avengers Dive Characters are soft and flexible full-figural dive toys that look like kid’s favorite characters!
    • Kids can not only have fun diving to retrieve the characters, but can also play with them outside the pool.
    • Each set includes three different characters, available in the following assortments: Captain America, Black Panther and Hulk Buster or Iron Man, Black Widow and Hulk.
    • Recommended Age: 5+

Avengers Dive Characters

The Swimways Avengers Dive Characters pack features all three Hulk, Iron Man and Captain America designs. The soft and flexible designs ensures safe and endless fun, both in the pool and out. With the Avengers Dive Characters, your swimmer can build swimming and diving skills while playing with his or her favorite Marvel Avengers characters!.

Avengers Dive Characters Avengers Dive Characters Avengers Dive Characters

At SwimWays they take fun to the next level! Their products are designed for water lovers, by water lovers. They offer products for your entire family – even the dog! They want the pool to be where your family and friends can splash, relax and be together. SwimWays provides your water family with pool toys, pool floats, swimming pool games, swim training gear, pool decorations and more.

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