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Back to School with BriteBrush @WowWeeWorld

Back to School With BriteBrush


Parents you need your kids to brush but most of the time they think it is some type of chore. Well BriteBrush makes brushing teeth fun with their these new innovative toothbrushes.  Yeah I know but honestly the kids love them… seriously!  They will want to brush their teeth all the time now!  Back to School with BriteBrush will be a lot easier now, trust me!

School looks different this year, and more than ever, kids need consistency with a daily routine. With BriteBrush, kids will have fun brushing their teeth and parents can say goodbye to the twice-daily brushing battle. Many parents are stepping back into at-home teaching mode – some even opting to homeschool. But BriteBrush is crossing one thing off parents’ ever-expanding lists. It’s the parenting hack all parents need for back-to-school season.

Back-to-school season invites new learning tech tools and gadgets, and BriteBrush is at the top of the list. Smart sensor tech encourages proper brushing with songs, games and live coaching. Parents are looking for silver linings this year. BriteBrush is one of them that has turned a twice-day brushing routine into a fun and effective one for parents and kids.

BriteBrushTM is an interactive, smart toothbrush for kids that uses songs, games and live coaching to encourage proper brushing techniques. BriteBrush is loaded with engaging games, smart sensors and a parent check light, ready to go right out of the box. No devices or apps required – just BriteBrush. 

Parents no longer have to fight the brushing battle, kids will be begging to brush their teeth. BriteBrush makes it fun and easy for kids to brush their teeth, and gives parents peace of mind that kids are brushing correctly and developing good oral care habits. Toothbrushes for kids are getting a tech twist. BriteBrush is a new, smart toothbrush for kids that uses songs, games and live coaching to encourage proper brushing techniques.

There are two models: BriteBrushTM GamebrushTM (ages 5+) and BriteBrushTM Baby Shark (ages 3+). BriteBrush is available at Walmart, Target, Amazon and Walgreens; MSRP: $19.99 – $24.99. Replacement brush heads are available at BriteBrush.com.

Back to School With BriteBrush can be a lot easier when the kids have fun brushing their teeth!  Get yours today.


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  1. I really like that this toothbrush for children is so modern and fun for them. This would be a perfect holiday or birthday gift. I like that it uses songs, games and live coaching to encourage proper brushing techniques.

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