BarkOutfitters Dematting Tool for Dogs Professional Grade #barkoutfitters

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BarkOutfitters Dematting Tool for Dogs

Does your dog get those matted spots behind their ears?  Mine do, especially the sheltie.  He has so much hair, but that is what makes him so beautiful!  This comb can help you get some of those spot your brush will not go through anymore.


This comb has round teeth so not to hurt you dog.  It will not scratch or cut their skin!  While still being able to cut through the worst matted hair.  Brushing a dog’s fur can stimulate the skin and promote healthy circulation, plus leaves their fur shiny and beautifully healthy.

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Both dogs just sat there so I know it did not bother them.  They would have let me know immediately if it hurt them, since I have them so spoiled they would have yelped.  Nothing at all, they just layed there and enjoyed themselves.

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The handle is easy to grip and hang on to.  With the yellow rubber this will not slip out of your hands.

Here is the back of the box that talks about their 5 year guarantee against breaking.  This can be used on not just dogs but cats, horses, rabbits, and anything else that gets matted.

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When you buy the BarkOutfitters Dematting Tool for Dogs they donate $1 to a no-kill shelter.  These donations help rescue animals from abusers, provide needed medical attention, food, and shelter.



The extra-long blades with safety edges means no pulling, or scratching your pet’s skin.  One side has smooth edges that can go against your pet’s skin while the side with serrated edged cuts through tangles and mats.  Much faster than any other way I have tried.

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