Bath & Beauty Box Just What You Need

Bath & Beauty Box Just What You Need

You buy everyone gifts now it’s your time! Bath & Beauty Box comes stock piled full of great gifts for you to enjoy!  It’s time for you to relax and take care of yourself for once! Get the Bath & Beauty Box to relax and take a spa day with a little make-up too.  After long days at work come home to a great box full of all sorts of things.

Are you busy doing all the things? Feel frustrated taking care of everyone and not filling your own cup? Do you have an endless to-do list? Wouldn’t it be nice to receive a box filled with items to help you create a spa-like environment at home and offers fun beauty products to keep you looking fresh?

Oh yeah, Bath & Beauty box is perfect box for you. Filled with at-home spa essentials, your new favorite beauty staples, and effortless skincare products.

Bath & Beauty Box Just What You Need

This is just packed full of great products!

This is Laritzy Cosmetics Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick. When they say long-lasting they mean it.  Plus I love the color and so did Desiree!

This nani bodycare is sure to make you relax.  It moisturizes while giving your body the light scrub that makes it feel great!

This masks not only moisturizes my face it feels great while it is on.  After taking it off I just rubbed the moisturizer into my skin.

Try some new eye shadows to brighten the next day.

This stuff is great for moisturizing my eye areas but I used it on my face and it felt wonderful.  This winter has damaged my skin so this will help get the moisture back into it.  It also smells great!

Every other month discover 5+ full-size premium products which may include

  • one make-up product
  • one skincare item
  • one bath/shower product
  • a tool/accessory to use
  • a fun skincare or beauty related product

These items are NOT tested on animals. Each box is valued at $100+ and provides an effortless and fun way to try your new favorite skincare and beauty brands.

Bath & Beauty partners with brands that are also dedicated to clean, conscious, and cruelty-free ingredients. Every other month they hand-select skincare and beauty products from well-known to your new favorite brands. As an added bonus members gain access to an exclusive community devoted to looking amazing and feeling good about skincare ingredients that are not tested on animals.

Bath & Beauty wants to deliver cruelty-free bath and beauty products to inspire happiness and confidence in your daily skincare routine!



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