Be Eco-friendly In a Couple New Ways With Lotsa Style @LotsaStyle

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Help The Atmosphere In a Couple New Ways With Lotsa Style

All the years we have used plastic storage bags is catching up to us.  To help the water and atmosphere it is time to switch to Lotsa Style reusable storage bags.  Plus think of all the money you will save.  We all need to adjust in anyway we can to become eco-friendlu and this is a painless way to do just that.
Be Eco-friendly In a Couple New Ways With Lotsa Style
This is what they look like.  The black clasp keep them securely closed for liquids and other items. Not only are the eco-friendly but they save space in my refrigerator.  I have cookies in one..  Just for an fyi put a slice of bread in with hard cookies and it will soften them, just leave the now hard bread in the bag until the cookies are gone.
Be Eco-friendly In a Couple New Ways With Lotsa Style
These bags have measurements on the side, up to 4 cups and 100 ounces. Measures 7.3 x 7.7 inch (18.5 x 19.5 cm).Lotsa Style’s 3 pack reusable silicone food storage bag is the alternative to plastic use. Single-use plastics are destroying our environment. It ends up in landfills, waterways and harms the living creatures in the ocean. Every time you use our bags, you are helping the environment with 1 less plastic bag and choosing a better future for our kids.

These bags are designed based on feedbacks and reviews from existing silicone bags out there. The unique opening allows you to easily snap open and close with minimum strength and they are guaranteed airtight and leakproof.

Measures 7.3 x 7.7 inch (18.5 x 19.5 cm)

Be Eco-friendly In a Couple New Ways With Lotsa Style

These are the reusable Beeswax Food Wraps. These are sticky when you get them so it is recommended to warm with your hands to make the unfolding process go a lot easier. By warming them slightly with your hand they will easily wrap around different food items and containers.  Lotsa Style’s 3 pack reusable beeswax food wraps is your perfect alternative to plastic wraps. Saving the planet starts at home and with you. Protect the environment, in particular marine life from harmful plastics.
Be Eco-friendly In a Couple New Ways With Lotsa Style
Includes 1 small 7.4 x 8.1 inch (18.7 x 20.5 cm), 1 medium 10 x 11 inch (25.5 x 28 cm), and 1 large 13.2 x 13 inch (33.5 x 33 cm) in our unique design.
This product is perfected out of many months of trial and error during research phase. It is made of organic cotton and specially hand-picked ingredients such as beeswax, jojoba oil, tree resin and so on. Read  why you should switch to reusable bags and food wraps
They also offer this great combination of the bags and food wraps or on Amazon..
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  1. The Lotsa Style reusable storage bags would be perfect for my family. I always bring snacks to work and these would come in handy and save me money also!

  2. I use zip lock bags to keep individual portions of fur baby’s homemade dog food (no he’s not spoiled. Why would you think that?). Thanks for sharing. These look like awesome green food storage options

  3. I use 2 ziplock bags a day to pack my kids’ breakfast to school – thanks for introducing these eco friendly bags – such a great way to save the planet and my pocket as well!

  4. What a great tip about the bread and the cookies! I didn’t know that! These look like great eco friendly options for food storage. I use too many gallon ziploc bags right now, so this would be a much better option for me. Love these!

  5. Been using those with slide-on plastic closing rod … they are not user friendly and tend to get lost or broken into 2 by accident. This product looks innovative and will definitely buy and try.

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