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Beaker Creatures Is Perfect For The Easter Basket

Which creature will you discover? Turn your kids’ love of collectible toys into a real-world science adventure with the Beaker Creatures Reactor Pod from Learning Resources. Within each mysterious Reactor Pod lurks one of 35 Beaker Creatures, tiny alien travelers from five distant planets who’ve come to Earth in search of learning fun.

To discover which creature you’ve got, drop the pod into a container of water, watch the colorful bubbling reaction, and extract the creature within! Kids can use the included classification card to count each creature’s physical characteristics and identify their name and family just like real scientists. You may even discover one of five limited-edition 24-Carat Creatures! Beaker Creatures Reactor Pod collectibles also comes with a two-sided mini-poster: one side features a quiz filled with amazing real-world science facts, and the other features fun images of the creatures at play that combine to form a larger poster.

  • Drop the pod in water to trigger a colorful bubbling reaction that reveals one of 35 Beaker Creatures
  • Classification card helps kids identify their creature using real science concepts
  • Hunt for one of 5 limited-edition 24-Carat Creatures!
  • Includes one classification card and one mini-poster filled with amazing science facts
  • Ages 5+

These are super easy to do.  I recommend getting a large bowl instead of the glass like I did.  One this is in the water it starts fizzing and foaming, like below.

Mine overflowed so that is why you should use a large bowl or the sink.  It takes about 2 minutes to find the closed container that your Beaker Creaker will be, where it will float.  Like I said super easy.

Take it your alien out of the container and figure out which one you received.  There is a small card for you to look up which one you received.

I can see boys and girls loving these.  There are a different series so the kids will want to collect them all!  They will be excited when they see these in their Easter Basket.  This also make great gift all year!










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  1. This would definitely be a perfect Easter basket stuffer! My kids absolutely love things like this, and would really get a kick out of the bright green color and monsters. Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. This would be such a neat addition to an Easter basket. The little aliens are so cute! Kids could have so much fun collecting them.

  3. That sounds like fun! I know of at least one person receiving this for Easter. Thank you for sharing!

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