Beautiful Bracelets Made By Artisans at Sashka @SashkaCo @SMGurusNetwork


Beautiful Bracelets Made By Artisans at Sashka

I love Sashka bracelets because my wrists are big and have always been, these bracelets just roll on and fit me everytime.  These are beaded bracelets that are made beautifully.  I would never have the patience to make some this nice.  I have never had one break on me which is amazing.


You can see how tightly woven these bracelets are in this picture.  They have so many great colors and styles to choose from.

Sashka Sashka

Sashka Co. glass beaded bracelets are handcrafted with love by artisans in the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal. Each bracelet is carefully handmade bead by bead. Skill, passion, and some of the world’s finest glass and sterling silver beads go into each one. Proceeds from your purchase empower Nepali artisans to rise above poverty through fair trade. Over 70% of their profits go back to Nepal.

Sashka Sashka

Sashka partner with several organizations in Nepal that train and employ hundreds of artisans in rural communities. Their fair trade partners are focused on gender equality and empowering women. Fair trade is best known for producers getting a fair price for their goods. The women at their co-ops earn a living wage that exceeds the local minimum wage. Fair Trade enables sustainable development and community empowerment by cultivating a more equitable global trade model that benefits workers, consumers, industry and the earth.


Some bracelets have the Sashka charm on them like the one above.  Some do not but they all are gorgeous.  These would go great with so many outfits to dress up or dress down.  These make great gifts or stocking stuffers.  You can feel good about giving a gift of such great quality plus you can find the person’s favorite color in all their choices.

Please stop by to see all their wonderful products.






I received this product to give my honest opinion.



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