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Beautiful Wedding Decorations Under $1

Beautiful Wedding Decorations Under $1

Weddings can be so costly and it is nice if you can save money where you can.  That is why I wanted to show you some great wedding decorations for under $1.  The above cake topper can also be put into small cup with marbles to decorate the tables.  Let me help you find ways to save wedding budget!

There are some ideas that are under $5 and my favorite is wedding favour ideas under £1.  I wanted to put a list together that everyone can easily reference for when it is needed.  It can take a lot of work to find the right decoration that matches the colors and looks great, and the dollar store just does not have the things you want.

Wedding Decorations

I love finding great prices on things that can be used for weddings.  There are paper bags cut out to look like a wedding couple dancing all the way to clear and silver Christmas bulbs you can hang from the ceiling or decorate the table with.  I have seen both and they look amazing if done correctly.  Just because the decoration items are cheap does not mean they have to look cheap.

Wedding Decorations


These balls can decorate anyplace and come in lots of colors so you can get the color you want.  The white ones would go with anything and with a little spray glue and glitter they will look perfect on the table or hanging from the ceiling.  You can even buy matching ribbon to hang them with or to hang from the bottom.  You can also buy the wall sticker butterflies to put on them to help make them look nice. Now are you getting the idea of how to come up with how to save wedding budget!

You are always stressed and cannot sit down long enough to get things done as the days get closer up to your wedding so don’t plan anything too elaborate, no one needs to add anymore stress at that time.  Plus the simple decorations look the most elegant and if that is the look you are going for then just make it easy.  You may want to give the project to one of the bridesmaids so you do not worry about getting this part done.

When the lights go down break out the light up balloons for a quick and easy decorations.  These come is lots of colors and they make fun table lights when the lights go down.

Wedding Decorations

You may be able to use real flower petals but fake ones are always an option and you can get a bag of them for $1.  Flowers are pricey and this would save a big chunk of money.  The small tealight holder can be found at most dollar stores.  If you are having the food catered into the hall see if they provide the table setting, if not you will need to rent them.  The boxes can be purchased in bulk online or even on some of the auction sites.  Again you want the ribbon for the boxes to look simple but elegant.  Maybe put an after dinner mint or they have small personalized items you can put in them like the wooden pieces and engrave your initials or shorter last names.

Floating items in a water bowl always looks nice, so grab the flower petals and some tealight candles.  The flower petals can all tie together to the minute the bride walks down the aisle to the table at the end of the night.  Glitter adds a sparkle and tealights add to any table lighting decor.

You can find shot glasses that the above would look great with.  This could be as simple as possible but still looks nice on each plate or next to the plate. Don’t forget you can print images online or make you own image on sites like picmonkey – that can add to the simplicity but elegant look!

Wedding Decorations

Here is a wonderful idea for the aisle all made with flower petals – now talk about simple and elegant!  There is so much you can do with fake flowers or petals.  The flower petals are always a great touch.

Wedding Decorations

Ribbons and fake flowers look beautiful, I would add the clear Christmas bulbs with glitter inside them to add to the magical look and to make this very simple idea that anyone can do.

Just remember to have fun and do not add more stress to your big day.  You can count on the people that are around you, but don’t put too much on them either.  Simple and elegant is the best way to keep wedding decorations.


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  1. Thanks for the ideas! I’m thinking of having a not-so-costly wedding by doing the things we can do on our own. And these decorations look so beautiful! I think we could save much much more than we think. Thanks 🙂

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