Beauty and history side by side

Turkey is famous across the world for its amazing weather and beautiful holiday destinations, however, it should also be known that wherever you go there is history that can date back to pre-Christian times. Many destinations offer all three of these making Turkey and the islands off the coast a perfect place to go on holiday. Every year millions of people visit Turkey to have a relaxing holiday, many do not expect to witness the historical sites that span back thousands of years. One of the best ways to visit some of the best destinations and relax is to take a gulet cruise. A gulet is a small traditional boat that now is used to take guests on tranquil holiday, stopping at some of the most natural and stunning bays and secluded beaches travelling from one great destination to another. Alaturka Cruises sail the west coast of Turkey and the Greek islands showing the best of what is available. Here are four destinations along the Turquoise coast that should be added to everyone’s next holiday.

Fethiye is one of the most popular destinations for holidaymakers, between the stunning views and many attractions to visit it is also the starting point for many of the gulet cruises. Fethiye town alone is a great place to explore with a variety of restaurants and cafes offering everything from quick snacks to gorgeous meals in both international and traditional cuisine. This modern town has hidden history all around, with the ancient castle overlooking the town centre and the king’s tomb carved into the cliffside they seem to be easy to see. However, there are also less well know and smaller historical sites left undisturbed such as sarcophagi in the middle of a road built either side or an ancient amphitheatre along the harbour slightly hidden by modern gardens.

Fethiye is also a great central destination for visiting other famous historical sites such as Kayakoy’s ghost town or even visit a world-famous beach like Oludeniz’s Blue Lagoon.

St. Nicolas island
This small island near Gemiler beach offers amazing views and beautiful crystal-clear waters to swim. However, what makes this small island a popular destination is for the ruins that have been left, while they are well preserved the reason for they are becoming well known is for the builder. Saint Nicolas, commonly known as the origin of the Santa Claus story, built the accommodations and place of worship as a refuge for himself and fellow believers.

Kekova is a beautiful location, with vibrant turquoise waters and numerous ruins it makes for a fascinating destination for cruise guests. The underwater ruins are one of the most popular sites, these specially protected ruins can only be seen from boat, kayak or canoe due to swimmers being forbidden to allow future generations to visit. All around there are different types of ruins, including houses, sarcophagi and some ruins where only the foundation remains allowing for speculation. The water is not the only place for ruins. The nearby villages of Kalekoy and Ucagiz stand on the water’s edge below the castle of Simena. This castle overlooks the area offers a panoramic view of the ruins, beautiful countryside and the stunning the Aegean Sea.

Alaturka Cruises

The island of Kos sits off the coast of Turkey near the towns of Bodrum and Datca. While being close to the Turkish coastline it is a Greek-controlled island, it has been inhabited by ancient and modern Greeks for generations. The island holds its own kind of beauty with sea view almost everywhere on the islands and stunning sandy beaches it is a popular destination for those who wish to relax and work on their tan. The island also sees many visitors coming for the history revolving around some of the ruins.

Primarily the medical ruins of the Asklepion, an ancient medical centre where many came to learn and practice their choice of trade. This particular centre was where the Hippocratic oath was born. It was not written initially for the practitioner to follow but was created following the dedication and personal promises of Hippocrates. The medical genius is considered the father of modern medicine after all his work and documentation, he also made a personal promise to help all people and if he was not able to help he would bring no harm, the basis of the modern oath for doctors.

All around Turkey, there is beauty and relaxation to be had but you will never know when history may show up and introduce you to the best or simply fascinating part of what made the modern world what it is.

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