Beessential Takes Care Of Your Skin and Hair


Beessential Takes Care Of Your Skin and Hair

I received this great kit from Beessential so I could show you. These products are all natural and help to keep you healthy. Beessential makes things for your hair, skin, and lips and this kit included all of them.  Just being natural makes me feel better about my family using them. This is called their Shower Gift Box. After trying these products I will be a fan for life.

Some of Beessential products contain Propolis which is the stuff that bees use to “glue” the hive together, but this “glue” has more to it. Propolis is collected from tree resins, leaf buds and tree sap. The bees then mix the collected resins with wax, honey, and enzymes from their stomachs to turn it into the substance we know as propolis, which even contains about 10% essential oil. Propolis is being used as an amazing anti-inflammatory on skin and can even help exfoliate skin without using harsh acids

Desiree has trouble finding lip glosses she is not allergic to.  With this Honey Balm we don’t have to worry about an allergic reaction.  Beessential has made for sure that big issues we will not have to deal with.  This goes on smooth and feel great on my lips so I know it will help her chapped lips. This is not like some of the lip treatments, this is soft and creamy so when it goes on it feels good.  This is enhanced with vitamin E so it will soothe and soften her lips.  This is 100% natural and is made is Ohio. This comes in a variety of flavors.

This Dead Sea Mud Dry Skin Fighter helps me with my winter skin.  I sometimes feel like I could just shed my skin because it is so dry.  It might seems unusual that mud and soap work so well together. This is a natural healing bar soap. Found in the lowest part of the world, black mud from the Dead Sea is enriched with skin-healthy minerals and natural healing salts. Its use for beauty enhancement can be traced back to the Ancient Egyptians, who liked to use in lotions. Like its origin, this gentle exfoliating bar soap cleanses skin on the deepest level to remove impurities, pulling dirt and oil from pores to soothe skin and leave it supple. Its antimicrobial properties are also known for the relief of acne, eczema, and psoriasis. For skin so pure, it deserves to be worshiped. They carry a variety of soaps that help with all sorts of issues or just to smell better.

This hand and body cream is something else I really need.  It softens my hands and moisturizes my arms and doesn’t leave a greasy feeling.  Some of the ingredients in this Unscented Hand Cream are honey and cupuacu butter, which help the skin retain and keep moisture; Beeswax, which locks in moisture, while still letting the skin breath, and Silk protein, which is similar to that of the collagen fibers that naturally increases the elasticity of skin, prevents wrinkles, and tightens skin. They also have other scents of this product.

Honey, Avocado, Oil, Hemp Oil, Peppermint Oil, and Tea Tree Oil. These wonderful ingredients are what make this fantastic Peppermint Conditioner what it is. Your hair will not only be soft and manageable after each use, but you will experience the powerful refreshing sensation of the all-natural essential peppermint oil packed into this Peppermint Conditioner. It’s gentle to use every day which is why you will never want to go without this Peppermint Condition in your shower or tub.

This awesome Sulfate- Free daily shampoo adds volume and body to fine hair without stripping or build-up. Beessential formulated this shampoo with natural peppermint essential oils to give your scalp a refreshing buzz and invite the follicles of your hair to be revitalized. Also, is the added benefit of tea tree which has been known for its dandruff controlling properties.

They have great gifts for anyone you know.  They also sell each of these products separately, so you can refill your supply.  Give a gift you know is good for the person receiving it!



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  1. All of these products sound amazing! I love all of the natural and good for you ingredients in everything.

  2. I am so excited about these products! The shampoo and conditioner would make my scalp feel wonderful and the lip balm would be great for my sister who has a hard time finding something that works for her and her allergies.

  3. I love that they have the Lavender scented in their lines. That is my absolute favorite scent!

  4. I have tried their soap before and it’s amazing!! My husband has developed sensitive skin that gets itchy with a lot of store brands. This soap didn’t make him break out, which was awesome. I’m excited to try more of their products in the future.

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