Beginners Cookbook

Beginners Cookbook

Beginners Cookbook

Desiree was so excited to get this Beginners Cookbook.  She wants to learn but not from hubby, from me.  This way we have a place to start before moving on to more complex dishes and multiple dishes at once.

You will find no gourmet recipes in here. It will only be the quick and easiest way to make something edible. Quick, relating to the preparation time rather than the cooking time. It is aimed at someone leaving home for the first time to which a cooker is a stranger, or a student who has suddenly got to feed themselves, or even someone who has never cooked before, but has decided to give it a go.

This book has a variety of meals to desserts and everything in between.  They are very simple to follow instructions that is perfect for Desiree to not get frustrated.  They start out with simple tips like how gas ovens are different than electric ovens and how to account for the difference.  Then it tells the beginners why it is best to use a wooden spoon for stirring food on top of the stove.

Next you go into breakfast with helpful tips on making eggs, toast, and a fried breakfast. Then you get into the best part, the easy recipes.  Spaghetti Balognaise, fish dinner, and chicken stir-fry.  They have about 24 pages of dinner recipes.  Next is making these easy snacks like French Onion Soup to Stuffed Pepper (which I would call dinner).  Then onto cakes, scones, pies, and pudding.  When they learn all of these recipes they will be able to cook almost anything.

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