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Bel Essence The Skincare For Mature Women

I have learned more and more about essential oils and believe that they are better for us than using chemicals to clean with and definitely put in or on our bodies.  Bel Essence also believes in natural oils to care for our skin.

Bel Essence

This is the Bel Essence intensive anti-aging treatment with argan and avocado oils.  This creams on it seconds and absorbs into the skin to make my skin really soft.  The skin on my face gets at it worse in the winter so this is really going to come in handy during winter to keep it from getting extra dry.  I have even been using this on my hands to help my hands looks not so old and more moisturized.

Nature makes the best anti wrinkle cream! Nine natural oils containing important vitamins, fatty acids and anti-oxidants help your skin fight environmental damage and reduce wrinkles for an anti aging day cream (and night cream!) that works. These oils contain vital nutrients to hydrate your skin and help it repair, rejuvenate and retain its youth and glow. The Bel Essence Anti Aging, Anti Wrinkle Cream is an easily absorbed moisturizer to help your skin maintain its health, and over time, encourage collagen production to smooth lines and deep wrinkles. The gentle, natural formula is perfect anti aging skincare for sensitive skin.

Argan Oil is a centuries old elixir for anti-aging, rich in anti-oxidants and Vitamin for powerful anti-aging. Avocado Oil is absorbed by the deep layers of the skin to retain moisture, promoting soft and supple skin. Coconut Oil is high in saturated fats, which keep skin smooth to the touch and retain moisture in the skin. Along with 6 other oils, the dry and mature skin treatment keeps your skin hydrated, soft and supple, while reducing lines and wrinkles.

I did notice after just a few days, the extra lines were getting lighter around my cheek area.  My eyes will need more treatments but I think it will help.  I put this on this side of my face and the first is before, then after.

Bel Essence

This is the Bel Essence Skin Brightening and Skin Firming Serum with Vitamin A, C, and E.

Nature powers up your anti aging skin care! This Skin Firming, Collagen Building and Skin Brightening Serum is formulated from natural oils with specific vitamins and nutrients to rebuild collagen for firm, smooth skin, correct dark spots and even skin tone. This skin firming and skin brightening serum is packed with the richest sources of the essential vitamins and nutrition with anti aging and anti wrinkle properties to correct and reverse the effects of aging. Easily absorbed, this serum can be added to your skin care regimen to give your skin an added boost without clogging pores or causing breakouts. This serum combines oils rich in Vitamins, A, C, B and E, all key vitamins for an anti aging, anti wrinkle skin care routine. Oils rich in these vitamins and other important nutrients are combined to give your skin a highly effective defense (and offense) against the signs of aging.

Vitamins A and C encourage the production of collagen for firm skin. Vitamin A stimulates the production of new skin cells and increases cell turnover to regenerate healthy skin. Studies have shown that Vitamin A (retinol) and C reverse skin discolorations and damage caused by the sun. The eight different Vitamin Bs are vital for every function of your body. For your skin, Vitamin B1 is a powerful antioxidant with anti aging properties delaying the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Vitamin B3, B5 and B6 can help to improve the condition of the skin, helping to treat rosacea, acne, eczema, dermatitis, hyper pigmentation, sun-damaged, aging and dry skin. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that prevents damage from free radicals, and helps skin stay moisturized and supple.

This serum adds super power to your skin care regimen to give you bright, supple, firm and smooth skin!

Bel Essence

Rub a couple drops into your skin and let it do the work.  Too much will make your face greasy so only put about 2 drops to rub in.  I normally dot it in different places then rub it in.

I think this will help me a lot.  I can use this on my neck also, so I will be trying that next.

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  1. I really don’t like using all these toxic chemicals on my body. Essential oils are awesome. I have never used these products before but they sound awesome. I love how they just smooth right into the skin. Thank you so much for sharing this company

  2. Very thorough review of the products and very informative thanks and the reviewer is right natural is always best

  3. I have been using essential oils for years. I love everything about them. These anti aging products sound so nice. I can’t wait to start using some of these. Thank you so much for sharing God Bless

  4. I really want to try the brightening serum. I have a couple of age spots I would like to try and lighten. What the heck with age spots? Like wrinkles aren’t enough, lol.

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