Bellefixe Has The Cutest Hair Decorations

Bellefixe Has The Cutest Hair Decorations

Bellefixe has so many different things to dress up your hair. From bobby pins to headbands, they have a lot! These are not flimsy or something you would just throw away. These are top quality and will last a long time.  Plus they come in an awesome box and baggies that is more than ready to give as a gift. Bellefixe makes great qualilty hair decorations.

The above is their Holiday Hair Bundle.  This is the perfect red color with the velvet touch of Santa’s outfit.  The scrunchie is adorable and will look great for any hair style. The knotted headband decorates hair with an easy transformation from messy hair to looking great hair in seconds.  These both would look great at the holiday party.  They even include two silver bobby pins, one with Jolly printed in red jewels that again will add the perfect touch to a hairdo.

You decide how you want to decorate your hair with these decorative bobby pins and clips.  With these you can decorate your hair whether you have it on top of your head or just want it down and straight. These bobby pins will accent any hairstyle. Bellefixe really knows how to design great hair clips.

Whether you’re spending the day working from home, running errands around town or you have a dinner date, Bellefixe is full of perfect solutions for quick and easy accessories that will add a little style and personality without the fuss. This set of scrunchies will put a hair up in seconds and then you are off and running again.

I love this black velvet headband.  It is so soft and fits firmly without pressing too hard.  You can really tell how nice Bellefixe’s hair decorations are just by the quality and design.  This can be added to a lot of different outfits and look great.

Bellefixe is a woman owned and managed company based just outside of Philadelphia, PA. Their mission is to serve as the leader in the field of quality hair accessories – enabling our customers to feel better about themselves and the style they possess.

They strive to provide stylish, accessible and affordable fashion. Seeing confidence and satisfaction in people who feel good about themselves brings us fulfillment. They are committed to providing quality, on-trend pieces that inspire people to accessorize their beauty – one clip, pin or headband at a time.


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