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Best Of Bridge – Sunday Suppers @thebestofbridge @SMGurusNetwork

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Best Of Bridge – Sunday Suppers

Quick and easy meals will always have a place in our kitchens (and in our hearts), but sometimes it’s nice to take your time and put a meal together with a little extra care and love. This all-new collection of recipes will tempt family and friends to the table for Sunday supper, or for a home-cooked dinner any day of the week.

Sunday Suppers Sunday Suppers

Whether you want to prepare an elegant feast for a special occasion or need some simple ideas for meals that will entice your family back to good food, good conversation and laughter at the dinner table, these recipes celebrate what’s on the table — and who’s around it.

Sunday Suppers

The pictures are amazing.  The recipes are explained completely and easy to understand.  The letters are a large font to make it easy on your eyes.

Sunday Suppers

My husband has picked out a lot of recipes that he will try on different days.  It is so nice to have new meals to try that do not a bunch of ingredients that we have never heard of.  He can make these with the products we have on hand.  Our Sunday summers are nice and relaxing so making the meal itself should not take 1/2 the day!  How do you like do spend your Sunday Suppers?

Sunday Suppers

Elizabeth Chorney-Booth is a blogger and food writer with 15 years of professional writing. Sue Duncan grew up cooking and eating at every opportunity with her best friend Julie Van Rosendaal, who is a regular CBC radio food columnist, food writer and editor. The three of them grew up enjoying Best of Bridge recipes so they’re absolutely thrilled to be carrying on the legacy. They are authors of Best of Bridge Home Cooking and Best of Bridge The Family Slow Cooker.

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  1. Yummy and I am very fussy lol my mother is always trying new recipes I wish she would stick with the tried ad true it drives me nuts her always trying different recipes!!

  2. This would be great to add to my recipe collection (books) as I’ve run out of cleaver recipes to surprise my husband with. Also, I could buy an extra one for my sister..she would love this book!

  3. This sounds like a great cookbook. I love all the great pictures that go with the recipes. Thank you so much for sharing this. God Bless

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