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Bestek Aroma Diffuser Is Beautiful @BestekGlobal

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Bestek Aroma Diffuser Is Beautiful

I found this Bestek Aroma Diffuser to be absolutely beautiful.  I love how it changes colors and the wonderful design on the glass top just add so much to the beauty.  I immediately put some of my favorite oils in it and have it on almost all the time now.  Desiree and my hubby have both commented on how pretty this unit is.  This holds 300 ml of water so it great for the office, bedroom, living room, or just about anyplace you want to have a wonderful smell.  It also has an 18 month warranty.

Bestek Aroma Diffuser Bestek Aroma Diffuser


This is so great to add to any decor.  The unique lovely flower printed on the glass cover adds to the calming, romantic ambience and the 7 changing colors can be rotated automatically or set to the user‘s favorite.

Bestek Aroma Diffuser

Cleanse Your Life, ultrasonic operation will not interfere with your sleep or distract during the daytime in any unpleasant way.  Higher capacity and longer operation.  Large 300ml water capacity for 10 hours on high mist and 6 hours on low mist.
100% safety with shortage protection device,auto shut-off when water runs out for safety.

This diffuser turns water and essential oil into micro-particles improving air quality.  It also helps to alleviate colds/flu congestion and moisturizes dry sinuses, with the right oil it can help you feel better naturally without medicine.  I love that it will help moisturize dry chapped skin, eyes, and lips naturally.

The size is approximately 5-1/2″ tall by 6-1/2″ In diameter.  You can choose to turn off the light or set one fixed color. BPA free, the cover is glass and the plastic used in base and water tank is same ABS, PP (polypropylene) material deemed safe even for baby bottles.which is safe and meets medical & food grade.   This oil diffuser is really nice compared to others, the design of it is just beautifully made. The glass top has a frosted design on it and it just looks really good, I like how it looks just sitting there as well as when it’s on and the colors shine through the glass, it makes a great light for decoration as well. The glass is thick and made well, it seems to be made well. It fits perfectly on top of diffuser and because of it being glass it stays put.   The buttons work great and has a few settings, you can set the color as well as set a timer how long you want it to run.

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I received this product to give my honest opinion.


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  1. I usually buy candles but these diffusers look elegant! The fact that they have a light as well is a plus…I definitely think if it aid in fighting cold/flu it is a must have.

  2. I love using a diffuser in my home they make my home smell good and they also depending on the oils help some of my problems. This is the prettiest one I have saw and like that they have different colors.

  3. These are so pretty. I love using diffusers. This would be a great show piece. Thank you so much for sharing. God Bless

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