Beyond Radiant

beyond radiant

Beyond Radiant

Feel better with this new book, Beyond Radiant.  This book will help any woman and makes a wonderful gift for the holidays or anytime of year.  The Author, Marlyn Diaz help you to make things better in your life which in turn will make you feel better.

Have you wanted to find ways to improve your life and just plain feel better?  Maybe have more energy and want to get up and do more outside? Well Beyond Radiant can help you. In her groundbreaking book, Beyond Radiant, The Modern Woman’s Guide to Health, Healing, and Happiness in Midlife, Marlyn Diaz gives us a roadmap for eating well, living well, aging well, and creating spiritual health in midlife. Based on decades of research and experience, Marlyn shares case studies, sound science, simple strategies, and delicious recipes designed to change your life, upgrade your health, and say YES to all that you love and enjoy.

Marlyn demystifies our bodies, how they work, and how radiant health is directly related to radiant well-being. She explains the importance of our thyroid gland, our body’s master gland, and shares strategies to balance our blood sugar. From hormones to a healthy vibrant romantic love, Marlyn is our friend and sister revealing her struggles on her own personal journey and leading the way to radiant health.

About the Author

Marlyn Diaz is a leading Los Angeles-based Certified Nutritionist, Lifestyle Educator, and Wellness Coach specializing in weight management and rejuvenation for women and men. Marlyn received her BSc in Nutrition from Drexel University in Philadelphia and Certified Lifestyle Educator certification from Metagenics. She has been working in the food and nutrition industry for over twenty-five years. Marlyn delivers innovative solutions, unique accountability methods, simple tools, and science-based strategies that allow her clients to thrive in both their personal and professional lives while also delivering long-lasting weight loss and extraordinary health. For fourteen years, Marlyn Diaz has contributed regularly to health-focused websites and magazines including MariaShriver.com, YouBeauty.com, and Mind Body Green. She was the Consulting Nutritionist for THE SOUP CLEANSE: A Revolutionary Detox of Nourishing Soups and Healing Broths from the Founders of Soupure (Hachette 2015), and she was featured in the award-winning documentary Rooted In Peace (2013).
This is available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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  1. With the state of things and being inside most of the time I feel like I don’t focus on myself much anymore. But I do know it’s important to be both mentally and physically healthy to be the best me I can be.

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