Big Time Journey of a Small Town Girl

Big Time Journey of a Small Town Girl

Big Time Journey of a Small Town Girl

In the wonderful memoir Big Time Journey of a Small Town Girl, the reader follows Emily Szajda out of a failed relationship in the United States ultimately across much of Europe to find meaning, personal empowerment, and even love. Get away from your life and see how Emily makes it through life and it’s challenges and successes. She finds that she is stronger than she realized.

Leaving behind the lies that spiraled out of control – and unaware of the magic awaiting – Emily leapt into the dark chasm of uncertainty. Knowing fully well there were absolutely no guarantees, Emily boarded the plane to Belgium.

Waking up from the daze she was living in, Emily realized her life was a complete lie. Her heart was crushed to find out her boyfriend got engaged the day before he broke up with her. This figurative slap in the face was a clear sign Emily needed to take her life back. She had hit a turn in the road and what lie ahead, would unveil itself in time. Tossing her fears aside, she set out on an adventure.

Moving abroad wasn’t easy. Leaving behind the familiarity and security she once called home, she redefined her life, trekking across Europe, realizing her dreams and finding opportunities in the most spectacular places.

Emily Szajda is a professional chef, writer, yoga & meditation instructor, sports nutritionist, and adventurous traveler. She believes in running away from comfort zones and embarking on a quest to discover one’s passion and purpose. Big Time Journey of a Small Town Girl chronicles her transformative experience facing fear and uncertainty. Leaving a successful career in Phoenix, Arizona, Emily launched a yoga and wellness studio with Serendip Spa in the heart of Brussels and worked with the internationally recognized Belgian Beer and Food Magazine. Emily currently resides in Washington DC where she offers group, corporate and private yoga, meditation, and mindfulness training. She also provides nutrition counseling and personal coaching to an array of international clients.

Find the balance. Learn to live life through experiences, welcome opportunities, eat healthy and love fully. Emily Szajda hope for you as the reader of Big Time Journey of a Small Town Girl is resonance–that you will feel empowered and confident to begin or continue your own daring journey, exploring the magnificent world around you and the strength you have within you.

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  1. I love reading. This sounds like a book I would really enjoy. I have never read anything from this author before. Thank you so much for sharing

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