Bindertek Stacking Wood Desk Organizer At Shoplet Now! @Shoplet

Desk Organizer

Bindertek Stacking Wood Desk Organizer At Shoplet Now!

This pre-configured Stack & Style wooden desk organizer includes a letter tray, supplies drawer and step up project file. The edges of each piece are routed to interlock with the entire Stack & Style Desk Organizers Collection. You can reconfigure this kit and add-on other components as your needs change. Ideal for home or office.

I received this Bindertek Stacking Wood Desk Organizer from Shoplet and they sell a lot of Bindertek items.  Shoplet also sells things you use everyday including but not limited to cleaning supplies, office supplies, medical supplies, and office furniture.

Desk Organizer

This is really nice looking and the end size is 14 x 13.5 x 11.5 inches.  This is not light, really heavy-duty!

Desk Organizer

I am really impressed how nice this is.  This drawer holds a lot more than I first thought it would.

Desk Organizer Desk Organizer

This is the tray and the bottom, it just sits right on top of the drawer and does not move around when you use the drawer.


Desk Organizer Desk Organizer


I love the top part for organizing things you will need to do later, or just knowing where things are you know you will need.  With the different slots you can make them any size you want.  It sits on top of the tray, or the drawer and angles so it is easy to find what you need.

Desk Organizer Desk Organizer

This is what it looks like from the side altogether.  Remember you can add-on to this or order different sections so it is very versatile.

2016-04-01 01.30.21 (2)

Now I get to show you the difference it made in my husband’s mess.  Now my desk is a mess but he keeps things on the table, so it does not look very good.  So I decided he needed this more than I did, even though I really wanted it for my desk because it matches perfectly!  I worked for about 1 hours and he was impressed in the morning!

It went from this mess to…

Desk Organizer

THIS!  Not bad huh?  It really holds a lot. I use the tray backwards to hide more, but as you can tell it still looks nice.  This Bindertek Stacking Wood Desk Organizer from Shoplet worked out so great!

Desk Organizer

Stop by and check out Shoplet today!










I received this product to give my honest opinion.

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  1. These look like they are pretty nice quality. My desk at home and at work is a complete disaster. I really need to get myself something like this.

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