Blogging Can Easily Turn Into A Full-Time Job

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Blogging Can Easily Turn Into A Full-Time Job

When I first started blogging I did not have a lot to post about. I started to write about some of the things I ran into as an accountant but that was not getting the visitors I wanted.  What I really wanted was to review products and learn more about them. But how do you get contacts? Who do you contact? Blogging can take hours each day or just a few each week depending on how you choose to blog.
At first I was thrilled when I was able to have a couple of sponsors that sent me some small things to review. I wanted to do a good job for them so I took lots of pictures and went in depth about these products. I found this was taking a lot of time for small items, but soon I learned that my audience is who I am writing to not the sponsor.  I learned to tone it down a little and found the perfect medium. Sometimes I find myself still going into to many details but pretty much I have learned to do the best I can.
This still was not enough to draw visitors so I started to write about some of the sponsors I had chosen on affiliate marketing programs.  These are advertising companies that give you a commission on your sales. There is a lot of ideas you can come up with for each store and pretty soon you find yourself writing all the time.  Sign up for affiliate marketing brands. You can write everyday about something that you will earn an income from and it will be posts to keep your followers happy. Then I learned I needed to budget my time and spend only a certain amount of time on each post. I have found programs that save me time promoting my posts and learned to only review what I would use.
But I still wanted something different not just an advertising blog but a place to have fun.  That is when I found some contests other bloggers were doing and ask if I could post about their giveaways.  This was fun and I was able to start getting my entry to follow me on social media.  My audience was growing and now my audience was having some fun when they visited my site.
Once I was able to figure out how they wrote up their giveaways and get other bloggers to help with them, I started asking if I could run giveaways.  I ran giveaways for almost anything.  Then I started to be a little more choosy because I wanted bigger prizes.  This is when I started to  get more reviews and giveaways.
After gaining an audience I started to sign up for influencer websites that help you find work. I had bills to go along with running giveaways and doing reviews so I needed to make some money doing this to at least cover the costs. I started to ask other bloggers how they made money? How can people afford to blog without making money to cover their costs?
Bloggers are extremely helpful when it comes to other bloggers. I found they are willing share their contacts and will help when they have time.  This is a community of like-minded people and we all love to help one another.
Another way to get new sponsors is to write to companies directly. You will receive more no answers than yeses but soon the yes answers will start to flow in. You will learn what questions sponsor have and answer them in the first email instead of making them spend their time
Pretty soon you learn about PR contacts that can get you products from their sponsors to review, and these will keep you busy once you do a good job for them. The review items can be small or larger just depends on what PR rep you are working with. I still do some of the smaller items if I think my audience will love them.
While blogging I can get swamped at certain times of the year, especially at the holidays. I try to post everyday but the right schedule for you may be once a week or once every few days. Be consistent and soon your audience will grow.
Remember who your audience is and what you are trying to show them. You will need to give them a good idea what the product is and what it does for them.  Also tell them why you think they need this product, whether for a gift or for themselves.


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