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Bluetooth Jambag Speaker – Speakers Inside A Fanny Pack @VivitarOfficial


Bluetooth Jambag Speaker – Speakers Inside A Fanny Pack

Sport amazing sound in a trendy way with the Vivitar Bluetooth JamBag Speaker. Available in a variety of fashion-forward designs, these wearable bags feature a built-in audio speaker with the ability to produce wireless sound at amazing quality. With water-resistant fabric to withstand any outside elements, this Jambag has a strong rechargeable battery so you can enjoy hours of musical entertainment while you’re out and about. With a large easy access front pocket, store all your essentials in one spot and keep everything neat and organized. With a Bluetooth range up to 30 feet, the Vivitar Bluetooth JamBag Speaker is your way to enjoy all your favorite music on the go and become the life of the party wherever you are!

This Jambag is so easy to use, since it hooks up with bluetooth no wires are needed.  Hook up your phone on bluetooth, zip your phone in the pocket and you are ready to go with your music at all times.  My daughter loves this because she loves music and has to have it on constantly now she can.


Not only does this Jambag look great but it is great for travel, school lunch or work lunch, running, walking, going to flea markets, and other shopping. This has different places in the zippered pockets to hold money and more, so lots of room for something so small.  This is made very well so it should last for years.


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  1. This jambag with speakers would be perfect for dog walking or strolling with a baby. So cute!

  2. This is an awesome fanny pack! I would definitely wear this around, I love that it has speakers! What a unique and fun idea, thank you so much for sharing!!

  3. This looks like it would be so fun! It would be great to use at an outdoor family get together. You could just bring music with you as you walked around. My family would probably want to take turns wearing it!

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