Magic Sketch From Boogie Board @boogieboard

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Magic Sketch


Magic Sketch From Boogie Board

With Magic Sketch your kids can create all kinds of amazing art and, unlike most tablets, the Magic Sketch is super kid proof!  They can drop it, toss it, even step on it — it won’t break!  It’s completely water-resistant, so if they have a spill, just wipe it off and keep going!  With the advanced internal electronics, you can clear the screen with just the push of a button! The best part?  With the Free App you can save, edit, and share your child’s work!

This is a lot of fun.  Desiree seen it and let me know she wants to have this as soon as the review is done!

Magic Sketch From Boogie Board

Each Magic Sketch includes:

•      Magic Sketch

•      Protector Guard

•      1 Roller

•      3 Stamps

•      20 Learning Stencils

•      20 Games Stencils

•      20 Art Stencils

Magic Sketch From Boogie Board Magic Sketch From Boogie Board

Magic Sketch From Boogie Board

This is the screen, the light blue is a case so you can turn it over to protect it a little better.  It is just like the old etch-a-sketch but you push a button to clear it.  It also is easier to write on.  The battery is included and has a 7-year life, that to m e is amazing.  You can not see it but the letters etc show up with a rainbow of colors.  This is also water-resistant!  Kid-tough and Kid-approved!

Magic Sketch From Boogie Board

There are 10 double-sided sheets of each of these for drawing, games, and learning.  It makes it more fun to learn.

Magic Sketch From Boogie Board Magic Sketch From Boogie Board Magic Sketch From Boogie Board





You get the roller to make different designs.  The other 3, below the roller, are used like stamps on the board.  Then the last 3 are used to draw, write, or anything else, along with the stylus that is stored on the case.  This is a nice durable unit.  This would be perfect for long trips in the car, rainy days, waiting someplace, going to a restaurant, and more.

Magic Sketch From Boogie Board Magic Sketch From Boogie Board Magic Sketch From Boogie Board

First I have to say the unit is upside down, but it really does not matter it works the same.  The child can write or draw anything they want, then just push the button, shown in the 2nd picture.  That clears it just that quick, they are ready to start all over again.  With the different stencils this could keep kids happy for a long time.  I do recommend keeping the box for storage or if you have a case that everything will fit into.  There are so many cases out there now that it should be easy to find one to work.

This would be an awesome Christmas, Birthday, or just because gift for any child, most ages.

Magic Sketch From Boogie Board

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  1. I like to buy things like this to help my Grandkids be more creative. Creativity is becoming a lost art these days.

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