Books Mom Will Love

Books Mom Will Love

Books Mom Will Love

We all want the perfect gift for our Mom.  I received some books that I think are perfect for any Mom out there. These books Mom will love show they how to be a better woman, something for new Mothers or going to be moms, or a self-care guide.  You choose which one is perfect for you Mom depending on the different stages of life she is in.

be Kind shows us all how to put more kindness in our lives, one week at a time.  This book will help you grow and become a better person. Sometimes we forget about the simple acts of kindness that makes someone’s day.  We need more of those moments in our lives. This is definitely one of the books Mom will love.

Each of the pages gives us something specific to do and why we should do it.  For example; why we should have kindness more in our lives.  It gives you the task to volunteer your time. I know I could use more kindness out of me and into my world so this book is something a lot of people will like.

Produced in partnership with the nonprofit organization kindness.org, Be Kind emboldens you to try an act of kindness every week for a year, benefiting others and yourself while deepening connections in your community.

Each of the 52 weeks of kindness includes a dose of inspiration (a story about when a small act of kindness, an authentic personal gratitude letter that had a big impact, a Q&A, or a quote from a notable thinker); a fascinating statistic or fact about kindness that has been researched by Kindlab, the research arm of kindness.org (e.g. Kindness improves the well-being of both the giver and the receiver.); and a suggestion for an act of kindness to do in one of the following areas:

  • Kindness toward those around you (service workers, colleagues, neighbors)
  • Kindness to self
  • Kindness with kids
  • Kindness as a group
  • Kindness to the environment
  • Cyber-kindness

Fully illustrated, engaging, and inspiring, Be Kind will have you changing not only yourself and your communities, but also the world, one week at a time.

Another one of the Books Mom Will Love is Mindful Thoughts For Mothers: A journey of loving-Awareness. Mindful Thoughts for Mothers brings mindful awareness to important moments on the mothering journey.

Part of the Mindful Thoughts series, this beautifully illustrated little book meditates on all aspects of motherhood, including:
  • The first few months
  • Your identity as a mother
  • Tantrums
  • Teenagers
  • Boundaries and compromise
  • …and many more

Motherhood is one of the most wonderful and powerful experiences we can have in life. As the early years of our children’s lives unfold, we will undoubtedly experience the joys they bring, but will also encounter the stresses and demands that appear daily and nightly on the parenting path. Using mindfulness practice to manage these demands we can become more present and meet life with awareness, in the moment. These 25 focused reflections on motherhood will help you find greater self-understanding and enable you to navigate a mindful path along this exciting journey.

Moms are gonna love this one too.  Me Time is a self-care that transforms you from surviving to thriving. Me Time helps you to make self-care a restorative, everyday practice – even when you might only have one minute free.

Follow its four simple steps to transform yourself from surviving to thriving:

  • What actually is self-care?: start by exploring the idea of self-care as a holistic practice for mind, body and soul;
  • I work at my self-care: reflect on your self-beliefs and discover what it takes to set up and maintain a nurturing routine;
  • I make time for my self-care: commit to original, time-savvy acts, from one-minute rituals through to day-long adventures;
  • I support my self-care: find resources, checklists and recommendations to help you day-to-day.

Your wise, inspiring and sensible friend, this healing book effortlessly guides you through everything you need to know to carve out time for self-care and make these moments count.

Remind yourself that you are worthy of your own care with Me Time.

I hope you find something you and your Mom will love!

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  1. I absolutely love this. We could all use and give a little more kindness in our lives! Would be a great Mothers day gift idea!

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