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BOX4BLOX – Perfect For Every Lego Fan! @Box4Blox


I have to admit when I first seen the pictures of the Box4Blocks I thought this box would be pretty small, but it is awesome and big! Way bigger than I expected. If you have read some of my posts with my granddaughter’s pictures in them you have a pretty good idea how big they are. Now look at this picture:


Now this is big, probably the biggest I have seen. On the pamphlet it said it holds approximately 1600 legos. On top of this being so cool and big, Box 4 Blocks also separate the legos. Do your children have a big box of legos and dump them out to find what they want? Then for clean up then moan and groan because it can take time to get all of the pieces into the same box they came out of.

When the kids put the lego pieces into the top of the Box 4 Blocks, the box then filters the pieces. The biggest stay on the top. Depending on how many they put into the top, they may need to slightly shake the stack of boxes, or stir with their hands. Now the small pieces are on the bottom, and each size bigger is on the next level. Next time they get the legos out they separate each layer and they can find exactly the piece they want without the mess.



I cannot wait to show her boyfriend when she is about 16 – lol.

Anyways you can see how each square gets smaller.

Now the Box 4 Blocks are sold on Amazon.  They are made in the USA.  They have an awesome 5 year warranty!

Check out their video below

Why not follow them to remember to order this for your child or someone special?  Want to win one?  Enter their giveaway HERE.





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  1. We recently cataloged our Lego sets. My daughter has over 50 of them! This would be such a great way to store them, especially because her current Lego tote is packed!

  2. My son already has some Legos, and we got him some more for Christmas. This would be a lifesaver to store them in, he’ probably even enjoy actually cleaning them up!!

  3. Box4Blox is practical and cute at the same! Would be perfect for my playroom. A good way to help teach my toddler how to clean up aftet his self!

  4. Blox4blox… man what a great idea this is. To think what people come up with these days, genius. I am entering to win as we would definitely love to win this. I have loved Legos when I was little girl and my two kids absolutely love building things. Legos are a hit in my family.

  5. We need some Lego organization in this house!! I love the sorting capability!!
    Please don’t blackmail that cute girl!! Show the pics after she is married 🙂

  6. I would have loved to have this for my Legos when I was a kid! I’ve always been big on organization and color coding, so this box is so awesome to me. I know my kids would love it almost as much as I would! 😉

  7. Great idea! Maybe this will help my poor feet, which are sore from stepping on random Legos hiding in my carpet!

  8. I know my grandchildren have a lot of legos and we are always finding them around the house lol, so having something like this where they can keep them and be organized at that would be wonderful

  9. My son has tons of Legos from back in the day when he was younger and now that his 2 sons are a bit older they love Legos so I hope to get one of these eventually to organize the Legos for them.

  10. My grand boys are past the “bloc” stage, but boy would this have come in handy then! Thanks for the review!

  11. Awesome idea. We have so many legos blocks that it is extremely dangerous to walk around the house because of possible injury.

  12. WOW! We keep the grandkids’ LEGOS in a Tupperware container, but these Boxes are so much cooler & can probably hold more than what we are using now. I like the color coding. I watched the video and had a little chuckle, because it reminded me of miners sifting for gold – no offense meant!
    PLEASE don’t hold this pic & review over your daughter’s head! She looks so cute and may demand some payment for helping you – the pic is proof! 🙂

  13. now this is cool, I could of used it for my daughter and both my granddaughters. now it will only be my grandson that has fun with it.

  14. This would be a great for my son who loves legos, we have thousands of them!! Need more storage! Def looking into getting some of these

  15. This is a really helpful and cute item. Its nice to have something stylish that can also help with clutter

  16. Oh we need this. With 8 grandchildren, there are a lot of Lego’s and boy does it hurt to step on those barefooted. I vote this for best invention of the year!

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