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Brooklyn Bean Roastery – Cocomocha

Brew a cup of Cocomocha and watch as the office break room blossoms into paradise. Creamy chocolate. Sweet coconut. Butterflies as big as your head. Palm trees sashaying in the breeze. The roar of waves reaching the beach. Bob from accounting swaying in a grass skirt… (Huh?!) And you… ensconced in a gently swaying hammock with a cup o’ CocoMocha.   Experience the taste of chocolate, coconuts and bold coffee beans in a perfect island blend. BBR puts the world’s favorite tropical trio in your mug.

Brooklyn Bean Roastery’s simple rule for good coffee-making is that what you put into it is exactly what you’ll get out of it and their goal is to consistently get the best-tasting cup of coffee around from the process.

To reach that goal they have 5 separate quality control checks that are done with each batch of beans. Everyone knows that good coffee starts with good beans so the physical characteristics of the roasts are analyzed to look for consistency in the beans for a uniform flavor. After roasting, special attention is given to the grind. The grinding process is extremely important to the end taste of the coffee- too coarse and it won’t brew properly, too thin and you can get a bitter, acidic taste. Supervisors monitor the grinding process and inspect the ground before it can be ready for packaging.

Two points of the packaging process are scrutinized for absolute perfection 1) the filling portion: all cups must get exactly the specified amount of coffee grounds to perform properly in brewing and 2) the end product: The single serve pods pass on a conveyer belt and are hand checked for physical defects. Every cup that has even the slightest imperfection is set aside and does not get boxed for shipment. Once the product is produced a sample can be taken from each lot for brewing -the aromatics are evaluated and the tastes are tested (Their Favorite Part!) to ensure it meets BBR standards.



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  1. Haha….Love your description of what occurs in the office break room! I LOVE chocolate and coconut so this coffee sounds fantastic to me!!

  2. This sounds like a great tasting cup of coffee. If it can do all this at the office I need it. I can’t wait to give this a try. God Bless

  3. I would love to try the Praline Dream and the Cheesecake. They do sound like paradise.

  4. Very interesting. I wasn’t aware of the different quality control checks, but it makes sense. Thanks for the review!

  5. I have heard some really great things about BB. I would love to try them out for myself.

  6. I really want to try Brooklyn Bean Roastery – Cocomocha. I never tasted a coffee with coconut flavor but I am sure I would love it.

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